Thursday, March 14, 2013

Judge Berman Order: District Council, RO, Wall-Ceiling, etc. respond to Member submission

The Court has reviewed the March 11, 2013 submission, of Demian Schroeder [Doc.1246]. Any response(s) are to be served and filed by March 20, 2013, e.g., District Council, RO,Wall-Ceiling, etc. Responsive filings should include the status of union approval/ratification of the District Council/Wall-Ceiling collective bargaining Agreement, dated March 12, 2013.

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  1. Murph & Wall-Ceiling will have to respond. Torrance will deny all & Walsh will lawyer up & go "ditto, what he said", meaning the alleged United States Attorney, the one who can't shoot straight. Should be another Liar, Liar Jim Carey moment. Walsh is not the damn EST. This is not his Union, but you'd never know it. All the ROMAC sessions demonstrate one thing - he is running the DC exactly as McCarron & that sack of shit Conboy want it. Bilello, who sat stupified in Court through all the Conferencing sessions (waste of time) is the puppet here. Transparency, restoration of Democracy & elimination of Racketering My Ass! You have more of it now than ever before.

    It is time for Judge Berman to order a forensic accounting of all the dollars pissed away since September 6, 1990.

    If you were the Judge, would you not want to know exactly what this abortion of Justice has cost the DC's rank & file members over all these years? I would - down to the last freaking penny.

    Time for a delegate to step up & write that damn Letter to Judge Berman. He can compare it to how much the so called Mob stole. What a freaking joke. I bet ya 10-1 the Lawyers have stole more by a 4-1 margin!


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