Sunday, March 31, 2013

What We Have Here Is Failure to Cooperate

Above the law Bilello.  
On Wednesday March 27, Review Office (RO) Dennis Walsh, issued a eight count notice of possible veto to New York City District Council of Carpenters Executive Secretary-Treasurer Michael Bilello. 

Among other things, Bilello is accused of directing a business representative on March 22, to "let a suspended member work at the Javits Center "knowing that the person had been suspended as a member."

Bilello is also accused of "failing to cooperate" with an investigation of the RO by falsely stating, in sum and substance, that a certain business representative “suggested to me that I give [a suspended member] to the end of the week [working at Javits Center], like we are doing for others.”

Council employees are required to cooperate with the RO pursuant to Paragraph 7 of the Stipulation and Order. Failure to comply with the undertaking or invocation of the right against self-incrimination may subject persons to action pursuant to Paragraph 7, which makes failure to cooperate an express violation of the Stipulation and Order, as well as Paragraphs 5.b and 5.f.

Bilello has until April 9, 2013 to answer the eight count notice of veto, and to deliver a written submission to the RO stating any facts, law or arguments which might be relevant to consideration of this matter.



    1. Which business representative? Did the rep report the illegal directive to the RO? Was the illegal directive from the EST reported to the IG office? Was the illegal directive reported to the Chief Compliance Officer? How many suspended members are working at the Javits Center? Who are the "other" suspended members working until the end of the week. Why hasn't the business rep been charged???????

  2. And what Berman approves contracts on 4/8?

    The Roman Gov't said: We have regressed and damaged by fault.

    And no "malcontent" was going to slow the advancement of Gov't in that instance.
    Sound familiar.

    Enough! No more of this shit! 25+ yrs is more a burden than can be placed upon the membership! No more experimentation. We are destined to repeat history forgone by millennia if we are subject to what MCarron/Bull-elo & Waslh perceive as the cure for what ails us.

  3. Jesus Saves - Bilello Steals!

    What up with that Mike? You came to us as a Savior. You made False Promises to all via the Campaign Trail, you & Lebo did.

    The, like Judas before you, you sold us out for some Coin.

    Now comes you and the two McCarron dolts McGinnis & Cavanugh blessing a $165 Million to $200 Million dollar wage extortion racketeering scam and you expect the rank & file to do nothing, to say nothing whilst you three fools live high on the hog and preach to us like the Pharisies did in their day?

    For that we say, may you and yours be cursed and that includes Pontious Pilate, the R.O. too, for washing his hands of it, while tactily endorsing the fraud, corruption and crucification of the working rank & file man and woman.

    You may convince yourselves that you are just, but surely you shall be judged in the end.

  4. Its press Walsh week we demand a real investigation which cannot be provided by OFlaherty and Company. The investigators have to much to lose and will not implicate Walsh. He is as crooked and comprimised as Billelo if not more. We must contact the Attorney General, Berman, and the Department of Justice to hire an Investigative Team with NO self intrests of jobs or self enrichment.All of us must file charges at Office of Labor Managment against Executive committee delegates and Walsh( He is the facilitator and giving approval of corrupt practices.Contact the NYACLU to start a law suit against the SDNY and Dept of Justice for willfulnegligence watching our Unions being robbed while doing nothing but getting involoved in the fraud. Its our time to go after theses corrupt people Absolute power Corrupts Absolutley!!!


    Section 409(a) provides:

    "Any person who is a fiduciary with respect to a plan who breaches any of the responsibilities, obligations, or duties imposed upon fiduciaries by this title shall be personally liable to make good to such plan any losses to the plan resulting from each such breach, and to restore to such plan any profits of such fiduciary which have been made through use of assets of the plan by the fiduciary, and shall be subject to such other equitable or remedial relief as the court may deem appropriate, including removal of such fiduciary. A fiduciary may also be removed for a violation of section 411 of this Act." 88 Stat. 886, 29 U. S. C. §1109(a).

    Mikey, Mikey, it is high time you resign....did you call Pete Thomassen yet?

    We're coming to get you asshole & you will not survive this, so get while the getting is good or you will be going to jail!

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