Thursday, February 28, 2013

Judge Berman Invites Comments on Full Mobility and Compliance Measures

On Wednesday, February 27, Judge Richard Berman reserved decision on the approval of the compliance provision for the Wall & Ceiling Contract to allow for full mobility within the collective bargaining agreement. Judge Berman’s approval is the final step in implementing the Delegate approved Wall & Ceiling contract.

As part of this proposed contract, members will get an increase in their wage and benefit package of $2.13 an hour upon implementation, plus annual bumps of $2.40. The wage and benefit package will rise to $99.16 at the end of the deal, from a current level of $85.03--a nearly 17% increase.

Judge Berman hasn't yet scheduled a future conference, but stated that he would accept written comments on this matter up to March 12, 2013.

To read the letter to Judge Berman from counsel to the NYCDC or the WC&C contract, or to write comments see below.

Written comments should be mailed or delivered to:

Hon. Richard M. Berman
United States District Judge
Daniel Patrick Moynihan
United States Courthouse
500 Pearl Street
New York, NY 10007-1312

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  2. What is the date of the scheduled future conference? Please!

    1. Judge Berman, have not decided on the future date.
      Rather, he invites more people to comment on the full mobility issue.
      He likes to see the views of the rank and file and I suggest to get those letters out by the suggested cutoff date.

      A lot of carpenters especially company carpenters are for it
      But others are not and I believe there is a large portion of carpenters against full mobility. If the Judge gets the letters opposing full mobility he may be able to see how it will affect carpenters from the OWL. If he sees its detrimental to the carpenters working off the OWL he may deny full mobility, otherwise, he can approve and implement full mobility.

  3. Heard the steward scanners will cost $22,000 month for internet connection alone. Let the contractors pay for this bullshit !

    1. $22,000 that's absurd, yeah let the contractors pay for that.
      Where is our benefits medical, dental and vision?

  4. Wonder when this will end is going back and forth with this full mobility issue and now we still have not gotten a raise or working without a contract. How much more time is needed?

  5. 5000 on the OWL, 13,178 Active Members, 1,000 in arrears who can't work till caught up - So you have:

    5000/12,178 (100) = 41.05% of the Active Membership base working out of the Hiring Hall. Never mind the UBC bullshit calling it a "referral hall". It's a hiring hall.

    Bottom line, you have about 50% Company men & 50% who actively work from the Halls. Given that simple fact, the ratio should be 50% - 50% and not a perecent more.

    Judge Haight, on the Thomassen contempt charges, after finding them guilty, awarded the D.C. with another 17% for a total of 67% on May 26, 2009.

    That act alone is further proof of his mental decline or senility if you prefer, proving that as of that decision he was no longer fit to serve as a judge and that he needed to retire and relax. And that is not being disrespectful of his service on the bench, just truthful.

    That can be both forgiven and corrected, by the rank and file on the one hand and by Judge Berman on the other.

    What cannot be forgiven is ex-Judge Conboy's switching sides and arguing on behalf of the corporate criminals from the UBC in Washington, the infamous drywall sheet counter Doug McCarron & the other traitor & sellout Frank Spencer.

    Conboy has stained his own legacy as a lawyer, ex Federal Judge and as the former IRO. Remember one thing, it was his blessing of Dougs scam on the Blue Card that allowed the extortion of your hard earned Vacation Wages to be stolen directly from you for 13-years. For that, he should lose his bar card and be shunned by his peers.

    Few things are worse in life than a liar or a thief and he is both! And, as one of the chief orchestrators of the extortion, which having occurred under his watch & over state lines forms the predicate of criminal RICO charges against him & our International Officers responsible for implementing it and requires the United States Attorneys Office and Ben Torrance to file criminal RICO charges against them.

    He abused his position of trust as the IRO, lawyer & ex Federal Judge and got in bed with the crooks in a 13-year racketeering scheme and yet, Torrance & his predecessor have not done a damn thing about it. Accordingly, Torrance needs to go down the road with him and Judge Berman should act to replace him and put someone in that position with a spine, a Rudy Guiloani type USAO.

  6. It appears that the Honorable Judge Berman in his wisdom is not allowing his focus to be shifted or desuaded from the initial and main issue of Full Mobility and what it entails, to a derrivative side issue of Full Mobility Implementation Technology (Scanners).

    He uses the Wag The Dog annecdote. The Dog being the contract which includes the Full Mobility Clause, and the Tail being the Full Mobility Implementation Technology (scanners), the Wag being the District Council/Employer Association's concerted attempt to distract the Court from the real issue, the effects and ramifications of Full Mobility on the Rank & File.

    Therefore ladies and gentlemen, the Judge has sent the message that the Full Mobility issue is not signed sealed and delivered and that it is far from over or decided.

    Rank & Filers: Speak up now, or forever hold your piece. Write like your bread & butter depends on it! Do Not Allow The Tail to Wag the Dog. The real issue is not how to implement Full Mobility but what full mobility will do to the Rank & File who depend on the OWL.

    Ask yourself: "Who depends on the List?"

    1. Older Carpenters (45 & Over)
    2. Female Carpenters
    3. Unionist/Activist Carpenters
    4. Non-Company/Independent-minded Carpenters
    5. Minority Carpenters
    6. New Journeymen/Inexperienced Carpenters
    7. Shop/Job Stewards
    8. Apprentice Carpenters
    9. The Occassional Freeloading Carpenters (laugh)

    If you fall into any of these categories, and many of you do, you will starve on the OWL if Full Mobility is implemented so you better speak up now!

    1. the out of work list does not work,it is in shambles.the brothers and sisters on out of work list deserve to be working,too many union members are being steriotyped,also the laptops or computer devices are a waste of money and the money should be put back into our medical benefits to sure it up.our marketshare is down too,everybody needs to get involved including the other trades to get the nonunion out of nyc.a dollar supplement fund should go in eelfare fund to shore it up.the 2nd additional assessments should go to the dental and optical plan and hearing plan,it sure could bring in millions of dollars there.cut down on hiring detectives etc and etc,it is the members hard earned money,it should and could grow without the people at the district council putting it in the wrong places.this should be bought to judge bermins attention.

  7. What do we do about the market share of the trade ? If we all have to pay our union dues would you say that we all should have the same right to work . If full mobility starts it would force a union carpenters that are not with a company to turn to non- union to work to support their family. They in return would be our competition . In reality we would become a union of some ( company men ) not all . How strong are we ?
    We are about to enter what many are saying the busiest time in the history of new york construction ever . Now is our time to build not divid us .
    Webster dictionary has labor union :an organization of workers formed for the purpose of advancing its members' interests in respect to wages, benefits, and working condition.
    Advancing its members, interest in respect to wages,benefits,working condition ? I think we are going backwards
    Ask the Boston Union Carpenters how is full mobility working . It passed several years ago . Not many are happy with that action .

  8. Does the DC keep demographic records on its membership?

  9. Joe Oliveri Wall and Ceiling Gangster. Do you honestly believe that all the other trustees didnt know this? Are you people fucking HIGH? Who believes any of this bullshit?


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