Wednesday, February 20, 2013

POLLS ARE OPEN! Come out and VOTE TODAY in Local Union 157's Election!

Please come out TODAY and VOTE for The Members Voice Slate!! 
Experienced Leadership Putting Members First. 

WHERE: NYCDCC 395 Hudson Street Labor Technical College

WHY: Members Come First
  • Build a stronger union
  • Get our union working for our members again
  • Put a stop to PLA's.
  • Restore our lost benefits
  • Repair the out of work list with members input
  • Steward second man on the job, not the third
  • No benefits concessions for retirees
  • Support the modified shape hall
  • Stop excessive NYCDCC spending.
  • Keep experienced proven leadership working for our membership! 

This election will be the deciding factor in keeping Local 157 in the hands of the rank and file members. Don't not let your local be turned into a bully pulpit for the NYCDCC agenda.

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