Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Page Six

We hear...THAT a Long Island fire door contract for members of Local 2790 has expired recently, which was under the hollow metal door fund.

An informed source said, that members under the contract were under two different heath benefit plans. "Plan B" which is an hourly contribution plan, and "Plan A" , which is a flat monthly contribution plan.

Contractor bosses want to move all workers into "Plan A" to save money, and the worker's want everyone in "Plan B" and they we're willing to strike for it.

Informed sources say, that DC Vice President Mike Cavanaugh, allegedly signed an agreement without delegate body approval, that keeps everyone in their existing health plans, but gives employees (who happen to be in the better "Plan B") the option of going in the lesser "Plan A.

The option involves that, in-exchange for workers joining the cheaper benefit plan, the contractor bosses will pay those employees a $1000 bonus as an incentive to join the "Plan A" benefit plan.
"The DC has circumvented the delegates and is letting the boss payoff workers to throw away their future," the informed source said.

The 100-member Delegate Body is expected to meet tomorrow, and upset local 2790 delegates are expected to discuss and debate the seriousness of the situation. Story still developing...stay tuned.


  1. I smell another VETO coming!

    Cavanaugh is another McCarron Stooge similar to Tyzner.

    Where are the charges against him for violating the R.O.'s New By-Laws enacted August 5, 2011?

    Where are the RO's Investigators on this issue?

    Why is he still there, I mean given the obvious, contstructing back room deals under the nose of the U.S.A.O. under the confines & strictures of the 23-year old RICO Civil Consent Decree.

    Contract negotiations for new CBA's do not entail new sweetheart deals being drafted Cowboy style by District Council VP's replete with bribes, kickback & payoffs akin to the Sheil fiasco for the recent MWA abortion.

    How freaking stupid are these people down at 395 Hudson? I mean seriously, the bullshit never ends.

    Motion on the Floor: for the R.O. to administer an I.Q. EXAM in lieu of the 500-word Essay requirement before future candidates are qualified to run for office...all those in favor.


  2. they have us chewing ouurselves up from the inside out


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