Thursday, February 7, 2013

How the Pile Drivers Became Carpenters

Below is a historical article about how the Pile Drivers Became Carpenters, which you may find interesting. I had a request to post it.


  1. Wow, never knew my history of how the Dockbuilders came to be. Why aren't we with the Ironworkers now? Seems like a good fit

  2. "Brindell's reward was the leadership of the New York building trades. He had already consolidated his hold on Local 1456, suspending or expelling the few who opposed him. He awarded himself a salary of fifty cents per member a month-the local now had 5,000 members--making himself the highest-paid union official in the United States.

    Brindell was found guilty of extorting and sentenced to five to ten years in Sing Sing in 1921. He was paroled in 1924 and dies in 1927"


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