Saturday, February 16, 2013

VOTE Members Voice Slate

Please come out this Wednesday and support The Members Voice Slate!! 
Experienced Leadership Putting Members First. 

This election will be the deciding factor in keeping Local 157 in the hands of the rank and file members. Don't not let your local be turned into a bully pulpit for the NYCDCC agenda.

Members Come First:
  • Build a stronger union
  • Get our union working for our members again
  • Put a stop to PLA's.
  • Restore our lost benefits
  • Repair the out of work list with members input
  • Steward second man on the job, not the third
  • No benefits concessions for retirees
  • Support the modified shape hall
  • Stop excessive NYCDCC spending.
  • Keep experienced proven leadership working for our membership! 

Election Day:
February 20th, 2013 NYCDCC 395 Hudson Street Labor Technical College 6:00 am till 6:00 pm, with results and meeting to follow.

Please pass the word around, make some calls and support the candidates who will restore the integrity back into our great local.



  2. Wasn't that D'erriccos TICKET??

  3. The members voice is more like the contractors voice. Kevin Corrigan is a general forman for Prince- one of the worst union companies and running for vice president of Local 157.
    They should definitely change their name to the CONTRACTORS VOICE! Grege Kelty is vetoed from running in this election and is no longer on their ticket. Bill Walsh was also thrown out of this election he was caught and found out to be collecting a disability pension plus additional sick pay from the local and claimed he was still relying on the trade for his livelihood when he was actually no longer reliabl on the trade. Also Jodiann is no longer running with this ticket in this election. This ticket has fallen apart before it even started. ps. this ticket was also nominated and seconded by dirty John Daly. Mitch Soontang is a Lawrence Derrico leftover and messed up the postcard and wants to be President of our local. You do the math.

    1. While Kevin is a foreman, as any member would have observed if they attended delegate meetings, he has questioned and resisted abusive actions of the current NYCDCC administration in defense of the membership.
      Kelty was not vetoed. Actually, the RO determined he hadn't resigned and therefore the position of Treasurer was not vacated. This is why Kelty's and Brennan's names will not be on the ballot and there will be no election for Treasurer at this time.
      Bill Walsh was not found ineligible because he is collecting a pension. Bill received notice that he was ineligible because he had not been working or seeking work (due to the need to recover from his injuries and surgeries).
      Jodie Ann was denied eligibility at this time because the DC had not properly credited her payment of assessments and the ULTRA list had not been updated in time to reflect that her dues had been paid.
      The slate was nominated by Tom McGonnigle. I was nominated for delegate separately by another member.
      Though Mitch Sonntag was Recording Secretary while Lawrence D'Errico was president, it is not accurate/correct to characterize Sonntag as a D'Errico "leftover". Additionally, please explain how the postcard was "messed up" by Mitch.

      Listen, I'll admit this, as people and as members I like you guys. I have met and had many conversations with everyone on your slate. I have had many conversations at length with you/Donny, Mike, Hercules, and James.

    2. Donny/Carpenters for Carpenters,

      That wasn't a very good attempt to discredit the Members Voice 157 slate.

      Contractors' Voice Slate?! Nothing in your post shows or even implies how anyone on the Members Voice Slate support contractors over members. In fact, the candidates on the Members Voice 157 slate have sided with and defended the general membership at practically every opportunity they had.

  4. However, you guys are and will continue to be extensions of Bilello and now the other Council department heads. No one on the Carpenters for Carpenters slate is willing and able to defend the local against the council and the council against the contractors! If the Members Voice 157 slate does not get elected and you guys do get elected then the council will control LU157. In controlling LU157 the council will control all the other affiliated locals. If the C4C team gets elected the de-evolution from a labor union to a benefits administration will take another major step towards completion. The current NYCDCC administration has caved-in on every major concession to the benefit of the contractors and the detriment of the members. The reason I agreed to run with the Members Voice 157 slate is because I witnessed them defending the general membership at practically every opportunity they had. They have questioned and resisted the abusive actions of the current NYCDCC administration always in defense of the general membership. I have not witnessed this from the C4C team as often and as strongly and, to the best of my recollection except for Donny while also apologizing, any of the C4C member ever opposing, or even questioning, Bilello on any of his missteps and misdeeds.

    Daniel J. Franco
    Certified UBC Steward
    UBC#: 6027-2876
    Mob/Txt: 917-226-3447

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