Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gausman Pulls Political Hatchet Job

Gausman playing dirty tricks
Local 157 pro tem president Gerry Gausman, has placed himself at the center of an election controversy by attempting to improperly disqualify the candidacies of fellow executive board members Bill Walsh and Greg Kelty, by citing they are retired members and ineligible to hold elected office.

Gausman, citing and acting on alleged complaints to the Inspector General’s office, regarding the eligibility on Walsh and Kelty, has abused and misused his authority for political gain, according to informed sources.

Longtime former Local 608 members that know Gausman well; said, “Gerry is a boob and incompetent, he has been running for office for years, he cannot win on his own merits, so he retorts to political hatchet jobs, trying to tear down his opponents with a non-issue, in a feeble attempt to will an election."

In April 2011, I criticized Gausman for lack of leadership, and in June 2011, again, while Gausman made another failed attempt at running for local president, I criticized him for failing to give the membership a single reason why you should vote for him.

“We’ve had strong presidents and weak presidents, skillful presidents and incompetent presidents, honest presidents and corrupt presidents. Gerry Gausman stands alone as the first president who simply declines to lead.”

On every issue going back to when Mike Bilello appointed him vice president pro tem and continuing up until now, Gausman has dumped responsibility and has set a pattern of negligible and incompetent leadership.

Financial Secretary pro tem Walsh and Treasurer Kelty have filed emergency applications to General President Doug McCarron under Section 53G via FedEx and Fax. Both Kelty and Walsh are semi-retired and depending on the trade for a livelihood by working 39 hours per month as per Section 31D of the UBC Constitution. Bill Walsh and Greg Kelty are also both seated District Council Delegates and Walsh is on the District Council Audit Committee.

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Gausman’s disqualification of Walsh and Kelty occurred three days after an Election Committee meeting where no mention of the eligibility of either Financial Secretary pro tem Walsh or Treasurer Kelty was made by Gausman’s Carpenters for Carpenters slate.

Walsh and Kelty are running on the rival Members Voice 157 slate, which has stoked up a backlash of membership accusations that the Gausman disqualifications are politically motivated.

In a brief telephone conversation with Local 157 Blogspot, Treasurer Greg Kelty, said that, “Gerry Gausman did not contact me in anyway before the disqualification and no requests for documentation were made.”

“Gerry made no effort to investigate the situation and made no good faith effort to provide his fellow executive board members due process before disqualifying Financial Secretary Walsh and myself”.

Gausman notified Review Office Dennis Walsh of the disqualifications and Walsh, after reviewing the matter said, Gausman's decision regarding the eligibility of William Walsh and Greg Kelty, “is incorrect and made upon a deficient record. It is not sufficiently documented or accompanied by sufficient process to erase the suspicion that it is politically motivated.”

Walsh urge Gausman, to “at least seek the guidance of Frank Spencer as a duly authorized agent of the UBC and include in that request any evidence presented by or available from Bill Walsh and Greg Kelty.”

Gausman was unavailable for comment.


  1. Leave it to this bumbling idiot to try to pull a move like this. Who is the brains behind this guy? Probably another moron that didn't finish the 6th grade. We have enough incompetents running the council, we don't need more running local 157. Carpenters for carpenters? As opposed to what? carpenters for laborers? They may have well called themselves the Dumb and Dumber ticket. I say let these two tickets go head to head and let the best brothers win.

  2. Amen, Oh yeah, Gerry you better get back on your knees and start pray'in, instead of blow'in

  3. Gerrys Kidz AKA Crapenters for Contractors is a council puppet ticket!

  4. Are there any Independent candidates running or is it a case of 2 slates of bumbling IDIOTS?

  5. Gerry couldn't run reservations desk at a TGIF. How could the $130,000 crew of Matthews, Milan and Rivera run with this clown?

  6. Sorry Gerry .The right for retirees to run and hold office has already been decided and Gausmans move is illegal. A protest in Albany NY under section 31 d which sates D "A member cannot hold office or be nominated for office, Delegate or Committee position if receiving a pension under the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Pension Plan" A challenge was made to a retiree(Joe Ketzer) chairing the election committee. The UBC under McCarron told the DOL that the wording in Section 31D ONLY refers to a "UBC International Pension" and anybody collecting any other Pension can run for and hold elected office

  7. Dear RO Walsh

    Letter From Dougy McCarron dated October 21,2008

    "Among other things you protested that Brother Ketzer and Presser where ineligible to hold committee positions (or run for office) because they are retired and collecting a pension. Section 31d provides in part that a member cannot hold committee position (or be nominated, run for or hold office)if receiving a pension under the UBC Pension Plan.. Be advised that this provision refers to the UBC International Pension Plan. Brother Ketzer and Preser were NOT receiving a UBC International Pension(so they CAN hold office and serve on committees)

    Section 31d has a working for a” livelihood in the trade” requirement., The UBC International has also declared that this is satisfied by a Retirees right to work limited hours. There is NO hour Minimum set to satisfy working for a livelihood which can be satisfied by 1 hour worked or being employed as a full time officer or Business rep. Yes despite the lies and BS you can be retired and be a full time officer or BA

    Case #

    Despite this ruling from the UBC International Local and Council dirt bags routinely deny retirees the right to be nominated and elected to office. In March 2010 Ex Local 370 President William Weir who has since sold everything he owns and moved out of New York REFUSED to allow 370 retirees to be nominated and stated “I don’t care what Douglas McCarron says .Section 31d means ALL pensions.” Our retirees were denied and the District Council did nothing.

  8. There are multiple issues here besides the retirees getting screwed. First But the letter says "I dont want to go against the UBC Constitution" But this issue was front and center during the last election which included discussions about retirees working full time as business reps. I also seem to remember the UBC answering this in writing. So how did anybody forget??Gausman.??IG??Second why did the IG Office send a letter that did not include the wording. "Ignore the alleged questions because 31d Refers to International Pensions only and both have worked hours to satisfy 31D .As IG why would he not inform Gausman of this??If he did not know this he should be fired as IG. Next you article says they are working 39 hours as allowed. McCarron says they can work full time as Officers or Representatives...So who is telling them they can only work 39 or less..Ask yourself why this is important..

  9. See also,Forde-McCarron.pdf and then,McCarron-Forde.pdf.

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