Thursday, July 29, 2010

Page Six

We hear...THAT immediately after Michael Forde copped a plea to corruption charges and admitted selling out his membership by taking bribes from contractors, stealing union money - and then lying about it, union representative Maurie Leary and Maurice McGrath retired, Ed Maudsley resigned, Ron Rawald was suspended without pay and Martin Devereaux, who Spencer appointed business manager to replace John Greaney was terminated.

On July 19, Page Six reported that Devereaux, McGrath and Tom Costello arranged to meet at the Bronx office of Local 608, allegedly, to "shred union documents."

Sources are also saying supervisor Frank Spencer appointed Local 157 business manager/regional manager Lawrence D'Errico, Acting Director of Operations, to replace Leary.

D'Errico is the latest individual appointed by Spencer who finds himself at the center of corruption.

Spencer appointed Pete Thomassen assistant supervisor who resigned amid revelations of massive spending on lobster dinners, junkets and parties.

Spencer also appointed D'Errico business manager and "new leader" of Local 157 following the 2007 “emergency supervision, which many members believe was politically motivated; and Pete Thomassen, in a rare moment of candor, exposed.

D'Errico a Benefit Fund Trustee appointed by Forde, among other things, has never been held accountable for his role in the cover-up and daily corruption detailed in the November 13, 2007 report by Independent Investigator, William Callahan, or for failing to perform his fiduciary responsibilities as a trustee following the corruption detailed in the Forde indictment and UBC Hearings.


  1. Just watching & talking to Lawrence D'Errico,you could tell he was a guilty-crooked-conniving fuck.
    Just looking at the 157 Union Hall-unkept-dirty-never fixed up....u could tell nothing but DIRT LIVED THERE.

  2. Derrico can not, I repeat, not be permitted to hold this office. His appointment by Spencer is wrong and just as it was the members who got these guys removed not just the feds we must assure Spences cover up of local 157 does not go unpunished.

  3. Lawrence is so intrenched with the mob and status quo. He is the last person to help the state this union is in. He was Pete Thomason's right hand man. I know for a fact he had to make Paul caperso a BA and Put Paul ( aka the bag man) Willouby on his team of corruption.

  4. You mean to tall me this RAT S#$% bag is in control solely of all our funds we are screwed. HE is the most arrogant snneekiest low life of them (DC REP) of them all . All he care about is golf. That why he cancelled the 157 christmas party but still had his golf outing to suck up to all the contractors. GOD HELP US

  5. Can you believe this f*** s*** bag Lawrence is in control f our benet funds worth about 2 billion with the pension fund. We are in a lot of trubble.

  6. This Lawrence D;Ericro is the most corrupt person in the District council possible to be at the helm we are in deep .


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