Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ex-union big Michael Forde pleads guilty to racketeering charges


Ex-carpenters union bigshot Michael Forde measured twice and cut himself a plea deal today.

The crooked labor leader -- who got a hug from Mayor Bloomberg after endorsing his re-election last year -- agreed to serve at least nine years behind bars for a racketeering scheme that stretches back to 1994.

The former head of the powerful carpenters District Council admitted selling out his membership by pocketing bribes to let contractors hire illegal aliens off the books.

Reading from a written statement in Manhattan federal court, Forde further admitted lying under oath during a 2009 deposition at which he denied knowledge of the shady scheme.

He also told the judge he was "currently in the process of recovery from drug and alcohol abuse" after testing positive for cocaine and marijuana when he was busted last August.

Forde's guilty pleas to racketeering and conspiracy came little more than a week after John Greaney, who succeeded Forde as president of Local 608, agreed to cooperate with prosecutors against his former mentor.

Forde -- who earlier beat bribery charges in state court -- declined to comment as he left the courthouse.

He's the eighth of 10 defendants in the case to cop a plea, leaving just former union official Brian Hayes and contractors' rep Joseph Olivieri -- who allegedly has longstanding ties to the Genovese crime family -- set for trial in September.

Under terms of his non-binding deal with prosecutors, Forde faces a maximum 11-plus years in the slammer. He also agreed to forfeit $100,000 in ill-gotten gains from his crimes.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara called Forde's conviction a "milestone" in rooting out corruption at the carpenters union, which he said was now pointed "toward a new era in its history."


  1. Fuck Forde that piece of shit corrupt scumbag & all the people who worked for his corrupt & lying ass.All the BA's,secretaries & relatives of all the corrupt lying scumbags.
    And this prick only has to pay back 100K? WTF is that? He made more than double that every year cheating members out of jobs & benefits.TAKE HIS PENSION & EVERY ITEM THAT HE OWNS.May all these scumbags burn in hell.

  2. Guess What Guys, The Money He Stashed Away Will Probably Earn Major Intrest, He Can't Spend For Nine Years While In The Slammer!

    He Will Come Out Living Very Large !

  3. Looks like he borrowed one of John Daly's shirts to wear to his plea deal.

  4. Shame ,knew him well back when his father and the other cronies were think he might have learned from his predecessors,too much drugs and alcohol.

  5. Funny if he was Italian we would be calling him a GANGSTER (Cool),but since he is Irish hes a corrupt piece of s**t


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