Saturday, July 17, 2010

Carpenters Union official John Greaney cuts a deal with feds and rolls over on ex-boss Michael Forde

Former head of the Carpenters Union Michael Forde, who is charged 
with racketeering and conspiracy, was implicated by his ex-right-hand 
man John Greaney.
Former Carpenters union boss Michael Forde got hammered yesterday by his right-hand man, who copped a plea and said he shared bribes from contractors with him.

John Greaney, 50, is the seventh and highest-ranking union official to cut a deal with the feds since a raft of indictments in August.

The former president and business manager of United Brothers of Carpenters Local 608 admitted he sold out his members to line his own pockets.

He let contractors hire illegal immigrants, pay below-union wages and withhold payments into the union benefit fund - then lied to the feds.

And he said the once-powerful Forde and Local 608 business agent Brian Hayes - set for trial in September - were part of it all.

"I shared in the illegal cash payments I received from the contractors," he said in Manhattan Federal Court.

Greaney would face 155 years in prison on charges, but prosecutors will ask for leniency if he fully cooperates - and helps them nail Forde and Hayes.

Forde, 55, was boss of the District Council of Carpenters for 10 years until being charged with taking bribes from a man linked to the New Jersey-based DeCavalcante crime family.

He beat that rap in 2008, but was charged in a separate indictment in 2009.

"John Greaney's guilty plea unfortunately confirms that corruption has been deeply entrenched within the Carpenters Union," U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said.

"In today's tough economic times, the jobs of tradesmen cannot be entrusted to leaders making back-door deals to line their own pockets."


  1. I wonder if Greaney will be talking about Spencer and McCarron as well Or will he not be allowed to mention those names as it appears they have been given a get out of jail free card. Why else would Walsh REFUSE to go after Spencer for violation of members rights NOT under the CBA but under NY State and Federal LAW. Did we not get in this situation because people made back door deals and now it appears Walsh has obviously made back door deals with Spencer and the UBC. Give us our RO unopposed and we wont come after you. Even Haight mentioned the potential lawsuits. Why are Spencer and McCarron not filing them. The RO agreement clearly violates the UBC Constitution, The LMRDA and ERISA laws. Haight made that clear with the potential for lawsuits. Why have Spencer and the UBC agreed to ignore these to give the RO his control. Perhaps Walsh is ignoring the LAWS broken in freezing the raises because he is another asshole who does not want the members to realize they have these rights and he is NOT GOD after all.Did the NYC members trade one Napoleon for another sanctioned by the US Attorneys Office

    I wonder if Greaney will be naming names at the Empire Council as well since Olivieri was the Chairman of The Empire Council Welfare fund. Go look to see why Pete, Forde, Olivieri and their CREW were trustees on the Empire Councils Labor Management Council. It seems the fix is already in. Why are the Feds ignoring the 1017 defaulted construction loans that got the First Trade Union Bank put in a 3 year Supervision by the Office of Thrift and Supervision. What are the names of these construction company's who got loans, Loans they never paid back, out of a bank that did and does get its financing from the Empire Council Pension Fund. A pension fund that was controlled by Joseph Olivieri and his pals. A pension Fund that is now controlled by Dale Stuhlmiller who had his head up Olivieris ass. A Dale Stuhlmiller who also along with fund Trustees Burke and Carlino are on the Board of the First Trade Union Bank.

    We have contractors feeding money into the Pension Fund. We have the Pension Fund feeding the First Trade Union Bank and we have the First Trade Union Bank feeding money to contractors via defaulted Loans. Anybody else see a problem here. Why have the Feds not seized their books at the very least two see if any of these contractors names match up?? Now we have the Empire Council seized in trusteeship and all the Labor Trustees on the Funds chaired by Olivieri fired by the International under accusations they defrauded the membership and other trustees as well as financial irregularities. And the Feds are not knocking on the Empire Door why?? How many times will the Feds say OK to Spencer when he said that even though he was neck deep in two councils seized for corruption he did not have a clue or was not part of the bribery, theft, graft and corruption.

    Why has the International allowed Morins right hand clown David Haines, who refused to testify on behalf of the membership at the hearings, not only keep his job but if the rumors are correct be given more power. Have a look exactly who is targeting members who testified or gave information against Morin and his crew, of which Haines was one of the hand picked and appointed, for termination under BS circumstances. 4 or 5 are gone already and it is rumor among council employees that this ass clown is targeting others.

    Everyday we hear another rolled over and admitted to the corruption that the rank and file has been SCREAMING to the roof tops about for ten years. Cries for Help McCarron and the UBC ignored and REFUSED to investigate. Now Greaney is on the list. How many names does he have. More important how many names will he be allowed to expose and how many will walk. The UBC has clearly supported and enabled this corruption with Fordes crew for ten years yet we are not hearing Spencer or McCarrons name.

  2. cont..
    The UBC has strutted into the Empire Council under the premise of addressing the corruption and here we go again with the corrupt staying in power and the UBC using the trusteeship to further McCarrons consolidation plans instead of firing the ass clowns and coming to then rescue of the membership. There have been 4 fired who gave testimony against Morin and his crew and none of those accused of defrauding the membership by the International. This is the reality of the UBC. This is why the corruption has continued for all these years and why it is so deep in the organization. Why do you think McCarron is not interested in removing the corruption from the UBC. Lets see how any name Greaney really has. Lets see how many names Forde will have.

  3. what happen to morece mcgrath he just gets to walk away with a pension after being part of the corruption that brought the union down. if you convict greany u should convict them all


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