Saturday, July 3, 2010

60 Day Wage Freeze

On June 30, with no advanced notice or any attempt to get the consent of the rank and file, Supervisor Frank Spencer unilaterally implement a 60 day delay of the schedule July 1, 2010 carpenter contractual raise, thereby changing the terms and conditions of a five-year collective-bargaining agreement (CBA), that was in effect, beginning July 1, 2006, and ending June 30, 2011.

There has been discussion on this blog that this "Unilateral Change" to the CBA by Spencer, violates the National Labor Relations Act.

Bill wrote:

The foremost provision of the NLRA was the ability and right of said working man to "ORGANIZE" AND TO "BARGAIN COLLECTIVELY" for their Wages, Benefits and Working Conditions and Rules. 

Collective Bargaining Agreements (contracts), once struck and executed (Signed) cannot be fraudulently altered by the Fund Trustees and Fiduciaries whether from the Labor Side or from the Employer Side. 

When they do so they act against the interests of the working man and woman and engender to make the changes behind closed doors without the consent and the Vote of the Membership, via Secret Ballot, said changes are not only done in Collusion, they are Illegal on their Face. 

I posted this page as a starting point so members can express their opinions and start a discussion on the possibility that by altering the status quo, by unilaterally changing an established term or condition of employment to the CBA is illegal.

To help you get started and informed in the discussion, I posted a "Basic Guide to the National Labor Relations Act".
Basic Guide


  1. wow good times were a plenty few years back how come we didn't say give us more because it's so busy  there  is a reason for a contract and whom ever breaks it   should go to jail    are you listening mr spencer

  2. just hang him and get ride him or something this is getting to be very stupid. i think the rank and file should protest or do something we need to be heard. i think who ever is running this site should do it. get rid of the clowns, circus is over!!


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