Sunday, July 18, 2010

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Listen To Thomassen on the Supervision of Local 157

As suspected by many rank and file members, union politics played a role in the November 21, 2007 supervision of Local 157.

We have obtained newly discovered exclusive audio of former disgraced carpenter president Pete Thomassen, in a rare moment of candor, exposing that the supervision of local 157 was politically motivated in order to stop vice president George Dilacio from becoming president.

Thomassen said: “I was in the office with Mike (referring to Forde) when McCarron called, He Asked, what is going on with the local? We said George Dilacio was fired as a business agent but he is staying as a vice president, He is elected and we can’t take him out of that position and he is going to become the president."



  1. Richard DorroughJuly 18, 2010 at 9:59 AM

    Does it say Michael McCarron called and he dictated the supervision or Douglas McCarron

    What do you think Walsh will say about this. I am sure this will be beyond the scope of the RO office as well due to the dont touch and dont tell order it seems his office has on McCarron and Spencer

  2. John, I Love Spencer at The End...


  3. Richard DorroughJuly 18, 2010 at 1:59 PM

    Thanks John .I hear it now. He said."I was in the Office with Mike when McCarron called" Its funny. I always thought Thomassen looked like Disneys Goofy with the double chin and dopey face and mannerisms.. Who would ever have though he was such a mouthy and arrogant SOB

  4. Do you have enough of a trail back to Thomassen with this audio to be able to use this audio to file charges against Spencer for defrauding the DOL and the membership by imposing a fraudulent trusteeship??Do you think McCarron will hang Spencer out in the wind since it was Spencer who filed false documents with the DOL for the Trusteeship and Spencer who filed the false documents every 6 months to continue the Trusteeship. Let me know.
    This severely discredits Spencer and McCarron and makes any of their filings to the DOL for Trusteeships suspect. Including the recent Trusteeship of our Empire Council. We will send out a letter immediately to the DOL to review this audio and ask for a determination on either McCarron or Spencer as a credible authority to impose a Trusteeship on ANY of their subordinate bodies.

  5. Gotta hand it to ya Brother John. Sure sounds incriminating.


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