Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Local 2287 Business Representatives Fired

Jeffrey Passante, the former president and business representative of Local 2287 was fired yesterday, and former executive delegate and business manager Michael Zemski, was fired today.

On April 25, Page Six reported that "Passante and Zemski were suspended without pay on April 15, for allegedly stealing petty cash and using the locals credit card for personal use."

District Council Supervisor Frank Spencer, reported in May that Passante has resigned his position as president of local 2287.

The "investigation into misuse of local funds by business representatives, Michael Zemski and Jeff Passante is ongoing" Spencer said.

Spencer appointed business representative, John McGraft to assist with the day to day operation of local 2287.

Sources say union charges will most likely be filed against Passante which may result in expulsion.

Review Officer, Dennis Walsh, "barred" Passante from ever holding elected office or employment at the council, Zemski will remain a member in good standing the source said.

Trustees for the local discovered the misuse of local funds and reported it to the council.

News of the abrupt firings today came as Local 2287 is holding executive board elections.

The District Council had "no comment."


  1. that zemski guy was real good at pointing the finger at everyone else, he was and is a rat and should be expelled from the Carpenters union or are we going back to the 90's

  2. Couldn't happen to 2 more deserving guys!


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