Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gausman running mate accused of Harassment

Accused harasser, Pat Brennan.
Local 157 pro tem president Gerry Gausman’s running mate Patrick Brennan, has been charged with, improper harassment, causing dissension, and violating the Obligation, and must appear before the NYC District Council Executive Committee on February, 14, 2013, an informed source said.

Brennan who is running for Treasurer, on Gausman’s, Carpenters for Carpenters slate, allegedly made threatening, intimidating and bullying comments and caused physical harm to members of the UBC, the source said.

Brennan has a history of improper behavior, back in October 2011, we reported that Brennan, was accused of running an illegal raffle,  while seeking elected office on Gausman's, Carpenters United NYC Slate, in an effort to raise money to pay for their failed campaign.

Yesterday, we reported that Gausman is attempting to improperly disqualify the eligibility of UBC members, William Walsh and Greg Kelty, who are running against Gausman on the Members Voice 157 slate.

"It's enough to make you sick and disgusted" with the way Gausman is running his campaign, the informed source said.

We also reported that Review Office Dennis Walsh said among other things, Gausman's decision regarding the eligibility of Walsh and Kelty, “is incorrect and made upon a deficient record."

"It is not sufficiently documented or accompanied by sufficient process to erase the suspicion that it is politically motivated," Walsh said

Between Gausman engaging in political dirty tricks, and Brennan acting like a thug, by threatening and bulling members, the two seem to be made for each other and make the perfect Valentine's Day couple.

Brennan and Gausman were both unavailable for comment.


  1. That guy looks like a bitch. I wish he would harass or threaten me. i pray for things like that. I would stuff that punk in a trash can with the rest of the 157 garbage!

  2. Gangsta wannabees the whole ticket


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