Monday, January 6, 2014


Geiger a fake phony fraud
Just received Joe Geiger's post card mailing, what a pack of lies from this fake phony fraud. Geiger says he's "entering 30 years of advocating for and advancing the rights of District Council Members at the local, regional and national levels".

The Truth is—Joe has never once advocated for the membership or advanced any membership rights. On the contrary, Joe is a high paid 2005 Mike Forde appointed holdover who has consistently voted for and supported corrupt UBC leadership and voted against the memberships best interest.

Examples of Joe's voting record:
  • June 2011: VOTED YES on all PLA jobs
  • January 2012: VOTED YES to bar members from attending delegate body meetings
  • August 2012: VOTED YES to Full Mobility
  • April 2013: VOTED NO to send contract to membership for Ratification
Brother and Sisters: Its time we SAY NO TO JOE!

We need leadership at the council that is willing to take the bull by the horns and engage in rigorous self-analysis. We need a leader with vision and a can do attitude who will step up and say we understand the problems and, with alacrity, we are going to solve them and move this DC into the modern, efficient, compliant business that must benefit our members and their families!

Vote for the person who fights for the membership. VOTE GREG KELTY!


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