Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Election Commentary– SAY NO TO JOE!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "SAY NO TO JOE": 

Joe's flyer would be laughable if it wasn't so sad.

He was the former President of Local 1536 where there were more laborers doing timberman's work than timbermen, as long as you had a 1536 foreman standing up doing nothing, there was no problem letting the timbermen rot on the OWL.

He was the former President of Local 1556, handpicked and appointed by McCarron, nuff said.

Really amusing that he is "committed" to restoring benefits. 

What Joe does not mention is that he was a delegate under Forde, where he voted to allow Forde, Thomassen and Sheils (his mentor) to bankrupt the Officers Pension Plan, which is why none of the current clerical staff at the District Council have a pension anymore. Do you really want someone who bankrupted one pension plan already in charge of your pension?

On the same note, while Joe did show he has a big heart when he made the case that the clerical staff are underpaid, maybe if he had not taken away their pension they would not be so hard off?

International Agreements are killing us, but there is absolutely nothing that can be done about that at the District Council, in order to get rid of International Agreements you would have to get rid of McCarron, Joes biggest supporter who got Joe to where he is today.

I really do not see Joe suddenly standing up after he has spent thirty years on his Knees under Sheils, Forde and McCarron. 

And to finish off Joe's flyer "To FIX the OWL System and bring Accountability" LMAO, it is amazing how this election has apparently changed Joe's entire perspective, after voting to get rid of the OWL, and thirty years of letting laborers do his work while timbermen rotted on the list, Joe now wants to fix the very thing that he eviscerated? 

To sum up Joe's achievements:
  • He helped bankrupt a pension plan.
  • He is a McCarron puppet.
  • He is a Unity Team leftover.
  • He learned everything he knows from Dennis Sheils.
  • He stood idly by while the laborers were eating the timbermens lunch.
  • He has made an awful lot of decisions which he now feels in hindsight were not beneficial to the members of the NYCDCC.
While Joe does have proven leadership skills, unfortunately they are proven to be disastourous. 

John's note: The Special Election for the next Executive Secretary Treasurer of the NYCDCC is underway. All ballots must be received by AAA by 5PM on Thursday, January 23rd. Ballots will be counted on Friday, Jan. 24, 2014 at the AAA office. The two candidates for EST are Gregory Kelty and Joseph Geiger. This is a very important election as it will determine who will lead the District Council for the next year. We encourage you to become informed and take part in the voting process by submitting your mailed-in ballots before the deadline. 

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