Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Memorandum of Agreement between the NYCDCC and MWA

AGREEMENT made on this 11th day of January 2014 by and between the Manufacturing Woodworkers Association of Greater New York, Inc. ("MWA") and the New York City District Council of Carpenters (the "District Council");

WHEREAS, the parties have negotiated in good faith regarding the terms and conditions of a successor collective bargaining agreement, inasmuch as the predecessor collective bargaining agreement expired on June 30, 2013; and

WHEREAS, the parties agree that all of the terms and conditions of the predecessor agreement shall continue in full force and effect for a ten year period except as specifically modified below; NOW,

THEREFORE, the MWA and the District Council agree that all terms and conditions of the MWA & District Council Collective Bargaining Agreement ("CBA''), with the exceptions of what are included in this Memorandum of Agreement ("MOA"), shall continue except as modified below.


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