Sunday, January 5, 2014

Election Commentary

(John's note: The following was posted in the forum).


I thought he was apart of the Steve McInnis Team. He was a trustee for the District Council. Steve Mcinnis asked him to be part of this and he ran for that position with Steve McInnis support and now he is running a campaign on" Honesty for a change ". What dishonesty was in the past?

Joe tell us the truth about what is going on. Did anyone do anything wrong to the membership? How honest is the council? Your words and campaign.  Honesty for a change means what happen in the past was dishonest.

Your Commitment
Restore dental and optical benefits immediately for the member and their families.

Answer: Do you understand the reason why we lost this much needed benefit . We lost this because the man hours were down due to the fact we did have out of towner's working and construction was not as busy as we would like.

Restore benefits for the retiree's with no co pay: 
How do you plan on doing this, if you don't have a plan how good can it be? We all need this not just the retiree's. The membership should not be betrayed at any cost. NOT EVEN FOR THERE VOTE .
This all cost money not promises. You voted for PLA's at every contract, what this does is it takes away money that we need to help cover our expenses that we need to survive.

No more out of towners: 
The international  agreement is killing us. Joe again its  a statement that you don't have the power to over rule.  Its the International that govern this not our EST.

Apprenticeship program for our members ' children first:
Joe you are a delegate that is suppose to represent our members. How come we the members did not hear you say anything about this when it was spoken about, you have a voice. Maybe the department of labor has the final say on this and not Joe. What commitment  do you have?
More Jobs!!! 
Yes more jobs.. How about for the members that need them not the council reps . If the Reps had more support from there leaders maybe we can do something about putting more members to work.

NO More Pay cuts Reduce the private sector PLA's
What about no more PLA's in this city, why do you, yes Joe 100% of the time vote the PLA's in the contract .

Joe you are not hearing the membership, yes we get a raise up front but because of the PLA's we give it back plus more. Is this what I want as our EST?  Once again you have a voice that is silent for the membership.

Fix the OWL system and bring accountability
How are you going to do that. You voted for full mobility on the last contract.  I see how you are going to fix this problem. Its sad but true, You guys had a mailing ballot about the full mobility and the members cast there ballot about this and voted majority did not want the full mobility. When it came to a vote from the delegate body you were the one that help vote this thru.

Its Very clear to me that MR. JOE GEIGER  has a commitment for himself and not the members best interest.

I ask every member who gets the chance to vote in this election do vote on what is right and protect our future. The strength of this union is the member that vote for the future.  Lets be a union of one not the chosen few.

Vote for the person that is not afraid to speak their members voice. VOTE GREG KELTY!


  1. Dockbuilders for KELTY.

  2. Please Vote GREG KELTY for EST!!!!!!! SAY NO to JOE.Joe suddenly got religion and is now ready to represent the membership. Joe the blimps have left the dock cuz your sol. You are another example of UBC CORPORATE ROBOT!!!!!! VOTE GREG KELTY for EST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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