Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Patrick Nee letter to Judge Berman

Dear Judge Berman, I am writing to the court to ask that it deny any decision in relation to the Collective Bargaining Agreement signed between the District Council and the Wall and Ceiling Association until such time as the delegate body fulfill its obligation to the members of the New York District Council of Carpenters.

The four page summary which was presented was insufficient to allow that a considered decision was reached by the delegate body. Nor were the delegates allowed sufficient time to cogitate the conceivable consequences in approving this contract.
Letter to Court 9-11-12



  2. So many have agreed that Pat nee was not always right 1/2 the time. But we can all agree whe he's on point he is. Just as done here. Right On Pat & Thanks.

  3. If we don't stand up for ourselves, come together and show them we care, that we can run ourselves and make ourselves healthier and a better union, then they will for sure give us the tools to destroy ourselves. It's doesn't take a mathematician or a money hungry RO to tell us this, we've been doing it for 3+ years now. No one cares, except about caring about making money. It's sickening to a young member like myself to see where this union has gone. It's a bunch of no name posters with no back bone. It's a bunch of fucking spineless flipfloppers. It's better to stand up for what you believe in and get torn down, than to not stand up at all. Good for you Patrick Nee. At least no one can say you didn't try. The representation we have now is pathetic at best, sinister at worst. Hey where have I heard that line before?

  4. It's too late for part bee to stand up he was and is still part of the problem when he led the local he was one of them looking for a council job at any cost he had his chance to shine in the sunshine and f - cked it up he could have shown that we could have operated by ourselves but he couldn't even run a simple union meeting it was a circus out out control when I would go to these meetings I would see pat get off the podium while the meeting was in progress and shmooze with the council employees this was his way of covering his bets. Pat shut down many a member from speaking and putting motions on the floor. It was always what pat wanted and he would not even bother to open his ears and listen to the members sounds like what we are stuck with for est vp huh pat got himself in trouble because he let the fact that he was president if the local go to his head he let the guys under him try to do what they wanted to do without following the rules no matter how trivial it was that got that buch of merry men in trouble it doesn't matter it was outside the rules and when these actions are allowed to start they just fester into major major problems once you are caught up in a mess like that the people of this union do not trust you anymore pats days are done as a potential leader as this union he abused rthe members and their trust and is nolonger a person that can represent us anymore this letter is an attempt by pat to recover the little power he had and to break the b-lls of the people that ousted him from office Ive seen it for years we have guys that think they can lead but I've yet to see one lead without succumbing to the pull of power we need a truly down to earth union man to lead us one that will not be enticed by the lure of power or money to sellout the membership weather it be through stupidly or just voting or acting in his own interest time to get serious yes time to stand up yes time to come together yes but is time for and unselfish leader with his heart totally for the membership to come forward this is the only way we will get ahead and be taken seriously that is the first part the second is that our membership has to rally around this person in numbers we have power and they know that mike and bill had the numbers and nolonger do because they are now under the lure of power and money. They squandered away and even more precious commodity then money and power they squandered away the trust of their brothers and sisters they took what you said and threw it in the garbage all for money and power they took your right to vote and threwit in the garbage all for money and power they took your bennies and right to strike and threw it in the garbage all for money and power they think they are untouchable now and that their actions will not go unpunished wait this sounds familiar forde greeny didn't they get caught up in this game ahh yes and see what happened they physically took the money but mike are doing the same thing but in a different fashion they are taken you rights away your right to vote your freedom of speech you right to ratify your contract your right to dictate where and what direction your union will go into the future it seems to me that they are feathering their own nests at the expense of you your family and children's welfare and longevity and your lifestyle enough with the games time to get serious we have a lot of years tied up in this union generations as a matter of fact and evil forces are trying to take this down in record time the guys before took these locals down in record time and the mccarronites and council job ballickersAre if left unopposed by staunch member union defendies will take the Ubc down in record time too time to get busy dying or time to get busy living and fighting for what is yours union till I die

  5. That was one long run on mess of a statement. I'm not without error, but have some pride in yourself, make yourself readable guy.

  6. Over the land there lies a long shadow,
    westward reaching wings of darkness.
    The Tower trembles to the tombs of kings
    doom approaches. The Dead awaken
    for the hour is come for the oathbreakers
    at the Stone of Erech they shall stand again
    and hear there a horn in the hills ringing.
    Whose shall the horn be? Who shall call them
    from the prey twilight, the forgotten people?
    The heir of him to whom the oath they swore.
    From the North shall he come, need shall drive him:
    he shall pass the Door to the Paths of the Dead.

    It is said that when the Eorlingas came out of the North and passed at length up the Snowbourn, seeking strong places of refuge in time of need, Brego and his son Baldor climbed the Stairs of the Hold and came before the Door. On the threshold sat an old man, aged beyond guess of years; tall and kingly he had been, but now he was withered as an old stone. Indeed for stone they took him, for he moved not, and he said no word, until they sought to pass him by and enter. And then a voice came out of him, as it were out of the ground, and to their amaze it spoke in the Western tongue: "The way is shut."

    Then they halted and looked at him and saw that he lived still, but did not look at them. "The way is shut" his voice said again. "It was made by those who are Dead, and the Dead keep it, until the time comes. The way is shut.'

    And when will that time be? said Baldor. But no answer did he ever get. For the old man died in that hour and fell upon his face; and no tidings of the ancient dwellers in the mountains have our folk ever learned. Yet maybe at last the time foretold has come, and Aragorn may pass.

  7. unfortunately too many members feel that they cannot or will not participate in the running of their union. they feel that it is ok for them to go to work,kiss the bosses asses and go home. dont participate in meetings,parades,rallies,etc. just the running of the union. well dont wonder why things are not the way YOU envisioned they should be. too many members bitch and moan but do nothing to help. we are being devoured from within folks. better stand now so there is something to stand for later.GET INVOLVED


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