Sunday, August 5, 2012

Double-Standards and Hypocrisy

Double-Standard Hypocrites, EST Mike Bilello and President Bill Lebo.
Excerpts from NYCDC website:

Bilello "was elected to the office of Executive Secretary-Treasurer in January 2012 with a commitment of a transparent and corruption free union. Bilello looks to lead the District Council with honesty, integrity and wisdom, using a wealth of experience to serve the membership." (John's note: They were elected December 15, 2011 and sworn in on January 11, 2012).

"Lebo believes that in order to have a strong union the rank and file membership must have a meaningful voice in their Union’s direction and governance as well as complete transparency of the governmental decision making in the Council."

Of course these two leaders set double standards: one for themselves, and one for the rest of the members of this union.

Members are tired of the same old story, leaders promising and saying they are for members rights and transparency, then once in office, behave completely opposite.

Case in point, the Bilello administration is arguably secretive, and gives lip service to members rights and transparency, consider the following:
  • They have not communicated a single word, and there has been a virtual news blackout on the MWA Arbitration situation, "a grave and imminent crisis."
  • Other than posting the results of the March, contract ratification vote, they have communicated very little on contract negotiations. 
  • They have not reported on the firing of Joesph Epstein as Executive Director of the Benefit Funds
  • They supported the barring of the Delegate Body "membership gallery."
When the administration is not being secretive, they abuse their authority and power, specifically by, conducting delegate body meetings in a partisan way, not in accordance with the Laws of the UBC and parliamentary rules, trampling on members rights, by publicly, inciting partisan delegates into a frezzy of hatred, spreading lies, intimidating, harassing, humiliating, threatening, and acting as judge, jury, and executioner, all in an effort to silence any member that dares to not toe the party line.

This is the first newsletter members received since this administration was elected.
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    1. 12(G) The Executive Committee shall have the authority and responsibility to provide
      information about the District Council to the public and the membership including by publishing
      The Carpenter and effectively maintaining the District Council website. When presenting
      information to the public and the membership, the Executive Committee shall provide information
      fairly reflecting the range of positions and points of view on subjects relevant to the District
      Council and members.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: Bill Lebo
      Date: April 4, 2012 9:49:29 PM EDT
      To: MEMBER XXXXXX>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>First of all the section in the bylaws doesn't state that the Council shall post every single point of view of every single member. It for that matter doesn't state that the Council will post any point of view of any particular member (not that we mind doing that, in fact we did as you so noted). The bylaws simply state that the Executive Committee shall provide information fairly reflecting the range of positions and points of view on subjects relevant to the District Council and members. Nowhere does it say the Executive Board has to print your particular position (which we did) nor does it say we have to put any particular link to any other site (which we did). Also we receive hundreds of emails a day, so it is possible Veronica's was missed. As to a new website, next week our new Director of Communications will be starting. One of his many duties will be helping to set up a new website as well as the magazine, texts, Facebook, tweets,etc. Lastly, Veronica can call any of us anytime she wants or for that matter come and speak to us in person. Knowing Veronica and knowing the strong person she is, I am sure she doesn't need you or anyone else advocating for her, she is quite capable of speaking for herself. Thank you for your opinion.

      Sent from my iPad>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THERE YA HAVE IT lEBO SAYING NO FUCKING WAY WILL WE ADHERE TO THIS BYLAW

  2. STOP PAYING DUES - RELEVANT CASE 8(a)(3) NLRA on Feb 17, 2011; 3:11pm
    re: Montgomery Ward & Company - NLRB

    If you are not working, you do not have to pay the "working dues assessment" until you return to work for a signatory contractor who is under the terms & conditions of the CBA.

    You only need to maintain/pay your Monthly Union Dues to the District Council during times of lay-off/unemployment to keep your book open.

    All OOWL Members can use this provision of Board precedent and not pay the Working Dues Assessment, the qualifier being "working". The UBC Constitution, Council Bylaws aside, neither over-rule the NLRA. The UBC & the Councils are also not spared by General Savings Clauses and/or Severability Clauses.

    Wright Line analysis does not apply, re: when the Employer & Union violate the express requirements in the Act, examination of motive/intent does not change the outcome. The UBC's maintenance of membership provisions are of no force or effect for additional assessments.

    This is the direct quote under "CONCLUSIONS OF LAW" portion of the Ruling.

    It is well established that the only obligation an employee has under the compulsion of the proviso to Section 8 (a) (3) of the Act, is to pay dues for the period of employment with the employer 'who is a' party to the contract 12 and during the term of the contract.13

    Accordingly, we hold that by enforcing and maintaining the contract so as to require employees under threat of discharge to pay dues for periods of time when they may have been members of the union but not employees of Ward, Respondent Company and Respondent Union violated * Section 8 (a) (3) and (1) and 8 (b) (2) and (1) (A), respectively.

    We also find that the Respondent Union violated Section 8 (b) (1) (A) by its letter of March 7, 1957, in which it threatened Schlosser with loss of employment if she did not pay union dues and that the Respondent Company violated Section 8 (a) (1) by notifying Schlosser it would have to discharge her if she did not pay the dues demandedby Local 794.

  3. The District Council will no longer be collecting Working Dues and Working Dues Assessments through Vacation Benefit deductions under previously executed {ILLEGALLY COERCED} authorization cards(commonly known as the blue card).

    This change is effective immediately. As a result, you will be receiving your full Vacation Benefit without any deductions for pay-ments due to the District Council.The District Council is attempting to negotiate dues check-off provi-sions in the contracts that would allow for automatic paycheck deduc-tions from weekly pay subject to your execution of a valid authorization form.

    Dues check-off provisions are a lawful, very common, and convenient way for members to pay union dues. In the meantime, we have implemented several ways for you to meet your financial obligations to the District Council.

    Those payment options, along with the amount due and the due date will be included with your vacation check.It is extremely important to remember that, although the payment method is changing,there is no change in your financial obligations to the District Council.


    We urge you to act quickly in making your required payment to the District Council. We need to continue without interruption our efforts to rebuild our Union into a united fighting force against the many threats confronting the unionized construction industry in New York City.

    Payments are Due by August 1, 2012



  4. Some of the associations have offered an in-crease in the wage package in an attempt to buy full mobility.

    At the June 13 delegate meeting, the delegates, after a lengthy presentation on the status of contract negotiations, voted to approve a contingency fund of $40,000 to prepare for a strike.

    This is not considered an option the council would want to exercise, but preparedness is necessary. As we go to print the negotiations team is tirelessly working to reach an agreement with the associations. Many members of this union are working without a contract for the first time in this organization’s history. An evergreen clause has allowed the associations and members to work for a year under the previous contracts that expired June 30, 2011.

    This puts the pressure on all of us to rework our agreement and solidify a new deal before the clause expires this summer.

    “Without these contracts in place and with the ever changing, volatile construction industry,we leave all parties in a vulnerable position,” said Vice President Michael Cavanaugh.

    Our leaders remain dedicated to transparency and keeping our members informed on the status of the contracts.

    It is our hope that our newly negotiated contracts will achieve a compromise in key issues that members will be able to work with and stand behind.

    Although our members may disagree on some issues, it is essential that we work together to overcome our differences and stand together as a strong and proud District Council. We are moving ahead in the right direction!

    History was made last March when our members were given the power to vote on their labor agreements for the first time ever.

    Our goal is to continue to involve members in this process by bringing you all of the most current information regarding the contracts.

  5. -----------FDR - NEW DEAL---------------

    * One Boiler-plated Contract for all Contractor Associations with the exact same Wage & Benefit Package for all rank & file members. Then & only then shall the DC put the "brother" back into the Brotherhood - when all rank & file men & woman stand on the same ground.

    * Return to the 8-Hour Day; or:

    4-9-Hour Days at straight time (36 man-hours vs. 35 as currently written,less PLA's) which allows a 3-Day Weekend.

    Friday is Optional @ 8-hours at time & a half, or double time pending the workers man-hour total.

    5-7's are unproductive for scheduling and this simple change will give the Owners/Developers & Contractors flexibility & a leg up in more timely and earlier Project Completion, as well as allow Revenue Generation sooner.

    4-9's @ straight time save the Contractor & Owners a buck, while the members benefit with the direct choice of working OT if offered, doing a side job or simply taking 3-days with the wife & kids = Win-Win!

    * No Full Mobility

    * Seniority - The DC must forego acceptance of any/all Federal or State Funding and go back to the proven system whereby curent members in good standing can give preference to their own flesh & blood first over & above all others.

    The DC must focus on 30 in - 30 out, as opposed to using members for 40-50-years, destroying their bodies and contractor discrimination of those 50 & above.

    There is no place in the Union for illiterate clowns, drunks, drug addicts and all those w/o a work ethic. They must be weeded out and let go. Obama can use them in the low wage, no benefit service sector economy created by Clinton via NAFTA.

    * Minimum Wage for all DC Union Carpenters must be predicated upon 90% achiving 2k M/H per year. A seniority program will thin the herd by focusing on getting the hours for those close to Pensioning out. The DC must operate lean & mean in this regard. Although this will take a few years to accomplish, it will result in higher productivity & quality benefitting all parties and it will also serve as the benchmark std. to determine if & when we take in new Apprentices.

    We must get the best of the best out there and not accept every deadbeat with a pulse. Those opposed to Drug & Alcohol screening paid for by the Employers must apparently be users themselves - otherwise their would be no gripe. If you are not using, you have nothing to worry about. Those who are are the ones who always cry, get clean & come back.

    * Foreman, General Foreman and Superintendents must form their own distinct Union, as their interests squarely differ from that of the rank & file workers. You cannot serve Two Masters (biblical principile) and represent either effectively, so its time they go!

    * Three-Year Contract, No Exceptions!

    * Restructure the Organizing Department. No results shown or demonstrated then it's time to go back to your L.U. Hall, no exceptions. (Note: The Local Unions are fully capable of building signs, doinf standouts for politicans, blowing up the Rat & handing out T-Shirts & Ball Caps).

    The Carpenters do not need highly compensated DC employees who could not organize a lemondae stand (like Obama) pissing away member funds, in what can only be described as a "MAKE WORK" program.

    Selling the working Carpenter out via PLA's is not "Organizing" anything, it is simply a sell-out to justify the do-nohting, produce nothing hack Job at the DC...NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS.

  6. These 2 motherfuckers are not going to win any beauty contests. I pity anyone that sleeps with these ugly bastards !

  7. I hear Gina Toner will sleep with anyone if it gets her somewhere. Might wanna try calling her after all shes unemployed.


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