Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spencer Letter - All Locals Affilliated With The Empire State Regional Council

Empire Spencer

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  1. Richard DorroughMay 12, 2010 at 6:38 PM

    <span>Meetings Summary: Here is the confirmed outcome, The ESRCC has been placed under supervision by the UBC with Frank Spencer as the supervisor and Ben Glenn as his assistant.   
    Troy Singleton from the NJ regional Council will be assisting in the analysis of the organizing and political programs.   
    Pat Morin HAS BEEN REMOVED as EST.  
    All labor trustees of the Empire Funds have been relieved of their duties and replaced by Doug McCarron, Andy Silins and Frank Spencer.  
    The Law firm representing the ESCRR has been fired and replaced by the UBC's attorneys; the law firm representing the funds has been fired and also replaced by the UBC attorney's.   
    The management trustees have been advised to seek their own legal counsel.  
    Presently, all regional directors will remain in place - all staff positions are under review.  
    All ESRCC financial records are being reviewed and audited by the UBC.  
    Frank Spencer assured the delegates that henceforth we will receive financial reports on the status of the council.</span>

    The delegates will continue to meet periodically will voice but no vote with the exception of trial committee recommendations as prescribed by the Constitution. 

    The current E-Board will continue to meet under the same conditions.

    Spencer assured us that they are taking a very methodical approach to rebuilding our Council he answered delegates questions in a very straightforward manner. 

    There were questions on fund documents, minutes and financial records being withheld in the past - he seemed shocked and stated that these members should have access to these documents.


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