Sunday, May 16, 2010

Local 2287 President Resigns Amid Spending Scandal

District Council Supervisor Frank Spencer, reported that Local 2287 President-Business Representative, Jeffrey Passante has resigned his as president, Spencer made the announcement at the May 12, delegate meeting.

The "investigation into misuse of local funds by executive delegate-business representative, Michael Zemski and Passante is ongoing" Spencer said.

Spencer appointed business representative, John McGraft to assist with the day to day operation of local 2287.

On April 25, Page Six reported that: Zemski and Passante were suspended without pay on April 15, for allegedly stealing petty cash and using the locals credit card for personal use. The extend of the financial wrong-doing has not been made public. Sources say both men have refused to answer questions by the Independent Investigator, William Callahan. It is not known if formal charges will be filed against the two men or an independent financial audit ordered for the local. UBC supervisor Frank Spencer has no official comment and has not placed the local under supervision.


  1. Do we reward bad behavior by allowing wrong-doers to receive a pension? Will there be a charge of stealing and jail time? How many union officers are honest? Can we select honorable men to represent the membership? Is the system corrupt? Where does the buck stop? To many members know what is going on and do nothing, at there own peril. Think about your future gentlemen, think hard!

  2. 1) Zemski never spent a dime not approved
    2) Mooney is doing the audit
    3) 2287 HAS honorable officers as can be seen by the Trustees actions in going to the DC once the Credit Card bills were discovered, incidentally partly because Zemski ordered the secretary to allow one trustee in particular (who had questions for awhile) unlimited access to all financial records as the law calls for. Doesn't sound like a guy who is dirty to me.
    4) The only questionable charges were made by pissante. FACT! And he blames everyone but himself for his misdeeds. Electronic payments when he made them with no checks written until he got caught. This was going on since around 2002 or 2003 and he was the guy in charge of paying the bills, not Zemski so Zemski never knew about pissantes personal spending until the Trustee told him.

  3. are both Zemski and Passante still suspended? Why did Passante resign as president?

  4. I just have to say ... Someone else on another post had it spelled pissante and it just seems apprpriate!

  5. A guy under investigation for spending local money on himself should never be trusted to sign the checks. I think enough pressure was put on him by some of the members and he saw the light about what was best for the local.  When will he be fired Frank?

  6. The Bottom line is that Passante is the worst type of crook. this guy treated people like crap. He reminds me of Eliott Spitzer, preaching the gospel of "do right" then being a snake on the backside. This guy has a napoleon complex and deserves to go to jail. He also owns a ton of property in the Hudson Valley Region that is probably all illegal as well.

  7. what happened to scott belford ???


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