Monday, May 24, 2010

Page Six

We hear...THAT Paul Pietropaolo, who reportedly made $138,971 last year as a district council collection agent, was appointed business agent to Local 45 by UBC Supervisor Frank Spencer.

Sources say Spencer made the appointment as a favor to Pete Thomassen, the head of the scandal-scarred carpenters union, who recently resigned amid revelations of massive spending on steak dinners, junkets and parties. Insiders say Pietropaolo, who join the union 10 years ago, never worked in the field or with tools. He was hired as a security guard from Bo Dietl Associates as a favor, then moved up to collection agent.


  1. For The Membership....May 25, 2010 at 9:47 AM


           If this ture, You know it is not right!

    Correct the issue and do what is right for the membership.

    You Know Better!

  2. 45 isn't listed in the indictments ???

  3. 45 gets another guy when 2287 is in dire need of more representation and maybe a fair number of 2287 members working for the DC? We currently have one, and he is in bad shape in the hospital. He needs all your good wishes by the way as he is in great pain. How can a local with 1100 members only have one employee in the DC? We have noone qualified Frank? BULL!!!!! You need to take an honest look at staffing around the DC and an honest look at the talent pool at 2287. We deserve more for our money!

  4. 45 already has 4 business agents that have nothing to do BEING THAT EVERYONE IS OUT OF WORK. How the fuck are u gong to give them ANOTHER BA making $150,000 a fucking year?
    And how is this "collection Agent" who never worked a day in his life as a carpenter-even in the fucking union?
    And what kind of COLLECTIONS was this asswipe doing? Collecting all the fucking bribes for these corrupt scumbags in the district council???


  6. Not true he's working for Dericco and Devereaux at the DC on the 9th floor.  Its not a Thommassen favor its McCarron who is protecting him.  He was security in the last supervision and showed McCarron around the Bronx, took him to the best restaurants, and brought him to get expensive suits at a discounted price.  Moose stop with the fairytales. Yor either making this crap up or you have very bad sources.  Heres a fact for you Billy Hanley's sister was sentenced to 6 months home detention and 5 yrs probation for tax evasion.  Investegate that

  7. He wouldn't know a screw gun if he tripped over it.  He used to blow Bo Deitels ,while he worked for him as a security guard back when McCarron took over the DC from Fred Devine.

    He sucked Jim Sabliskas balls for his job, then he licked Petes asshole real good, and now he is Frank Spencer's Ballerina. 

    You should see this guy dance when he is around, oh he is John Thomassen’s partner, they haven't done any substantial work until Frankie boy put them in line.

    Been dry humping the members for 14 years,but he will get a great pension and benefits for the rest of his life.

  8. Fucked up to say the least-when these non-carpenters r set for life. Even these greedy scumbags like Forde & his crew.They can't be satisfied with $250,000+ jobs with Benefits & Trucks & credit cards & gas & everything needed for a great life. They have o turn around and fuck us some more by selling off NON-UNION JOBS.-to put MORE MONEY in their pockets. May they burn in hell.
    No wonder there are 16 & 18 story Non-Union jobs going up all around the District Council.Just take a 4 bloc walk around & u'll see a bunch ofjobs with migrant labor.I'm sure that NONE of those people are Legal immigrants.


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