Thursday, May 6, 2010

An Open Letter To UBC General President Douglas McCarron

(The following letter was emailed to me anonymously, and requested that I post it)


  1. Good another Scumbag is gotten rid of.Now this jerkoff Thomasson has "retired" does he get a pension? Are these other corrupt assholes-Forde Etc. getting pensions or are they still being paid?
    WHO is still in office at the District Council who was involved in all this shady corrupt bullshit?
    WHO is a relative of these criminals who is still working while everyone else is out of work for 3-4 months at a time?
    WHO works as an "Organizer" for $120,000/yr. who was a buddy of these assholes?
    How many crooked shop stewards are still out there supported by crooked BA's? ie-157 & 608 especially
    BTW how many BA's were laid off since the economy tanked over a year ago? Less members working but still paying out $160,000+ to all these guys?
    All this shit stinks and nothing changes. And it's been going on for decades.Let's see who the next CROOKS will be.
    Can't wait.  N E X T

  2. Daniel J. FrancoMay 10, 2010 at 10:54 PM

    1:2007cv04095 - The New York City District Council of Carpenters Pension Fund et al v. R. LaPointe Concrete & Construction Corp.
    Filed:     May 25, 2007


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