Thursday, May 27, 2010

Exclusive - Hearing Transcript

On Thursday, May 20, in Judge Haight's courtroom, assistant U.S. attorney Ben Torrance ask the judge to sign off on the latest watchdog for the District Council, a former state organized crime prosecutor named Dennis Walsh. Below is the transcript of that hearing. 
2010-05-20 transcript


  1. The Comm / The SUMay 27, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    Good reading, definitely good reading. Once again, thank you Brother John.

  2. Amazing Haight does not see himself as part of the problem.  Forde and Thomassen were able to schmooze themselves over him.  They told him they were fixing the list, yet he also found Forde on contempt for manipulating the list.  Thomassen said things were fair, yet, they changed the OOWL rules without notifiying the court or the members.  Then they come in and say, Mack is too expensive, the Haight lets them remove him, and put in their own cronie.  Is he blind, and cannot see through this?

  3. Funny how i have been on the list for 3 1/2 MONTHS and they only call me up friday afternoon-2 weeks ago-send me out for 1 day-Saturday-which blows my unemployment for the week(SO I WORK FOR NOTHING ON SAT.BECAUSE I CAN'T COLLECT UNEMPLOYMENT) THEN go an entire 2 weeks Mon-Fri with no jobs & they call me up again on Friday afternoon & send me out on another 1 day saturday job so i can't collect unemployment AGAIN.
    So in 3 weeks i have no unemployment insurance with 2 days worked & WHERE ARE ALL THE JOBS DURING THE WEEK??????

  4. you have it right brother


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