Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Who is the Bloom Law Firm and Why Is Lisa Bloom Suing Douglas McCarron and His Cronies For $50 Million Dollars

General President Douglas J. McCarron
By Silence Dogood

Despite erroneous misinformation being spread that Mike McCarron has taken a dive and made a deal with UBC General President Doug McCarron. Despite erroneous misinformation being spread by Doug McCarron that he has over $600 million of rank and file members money to persecute Mike McCarron while Mike has nothing. Despite erroneous misinformation being spread that Douglas McCarron has silenced little brother Mike McCarron, it appears these are blatant lies.

It appears Mike Mccarron is far from done fighting and has made no deals. It appears we will see if Doug McCarron and his cronies will be allowed to abuse any more of rank and file members money to continue this persecution of Mike McCarron .

We will see if rank and file members money will be abused in defense of the counter lawsuit for 10 causes of action at $50 million each filed by Mike McCarrons new lawyer Lisa Bloom of the prestigious Bloom Law Firm of NYC.

The Bloom law firms Lisa Bloom, is known as a prominent attorney, author and legal analyst. She has appeared as a legal expert on networks such as CBS and CNN. Attorney Bloom is The Today Show’s legal analyst and appears frequently on NBC Nightly News, Morning Joe and The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. She is also now the attorney on record for Mike McCarron in his attempt to defend himself against the persecution from Douglas McCarron and his cronies as individuals and as United Brotherhood of Carpenters Officers.

These same UBC Officials have a long well documented history of persecuting members who do not agree with their corporate Unionism policy’s and their abuse of the powers of their offices. A long well documented history of violations of Federal and State laws such as the NLRA, The LMRDA, ERISA and a laundry list of other violations for which they have spent millions in members money and time to defend.

Their NYC District Council is so corrupt the Feds have had to run it for 25 years and it gives no indication of changing anytime soon. Federal Prisoner Mike Forde former EST of the NYC Council once wrote in a fax “The Things you have to do for this organization” with a smiley face. That was in a reply to District VP Frank Spencer's inquiry as to whether Mike Forde and his wife would be joining Frank Spencer for a Union meeting in Hawaii at $10,000 per couple in First Class airfare in January of 2008.

This is a perfect example of the long and well documented history of enriching themselves at the Union trough or as some in the legal profession might call “Unclean Hands”.

Enriching themselves as they cut health and welfare benefits of the membership and retirees. Enriching themselves as they cut Pension benefits for retirees. Enriching themselves as they conspire with the NCCMP to get the federal Government to rewrite ERISA law to allow them to steal from retirees to continue to pay for their First Class Airfare to Hawaii and rape of the funds for personnel gain.

On August 18, 2014 the Bloom law firm on behalf of Mike McCarron filed a counter suit against Douglas McCarron, Mike Draper, Andy Silins, Doug Banes, Phil Newkirk, Justin Weidner, Dan McDonald and John Does 1-50 as individuals and as officers and agents of the UBC.

Dan McDonald can be heard on a 30 minute audio tape of harassing and intimidating a witness. McDonald is 4’11’ yet the tape is filled with bandy rooster bravado that it is as absurd as it is comical. The tape is also so filed with vulgarity’s that it exposes McDonald's ignorance and poor character.

Also named were ULLICO and the SWRCC. Ten causes of action were listed including Rico violations. LMRDA violations. Slander. Defamation, Violation of Free Speech. Violation of Due Process as well as Conspiracy just to name a few.

Many of the causes of action should be examined by the MANY other victims of the McCarron regime persecuted in the same manner as Mike McCarron for possible further lawsuits. The Bloom Law firm is seeking $50 million Dollars for each count for each defendant.

Despite carrying the stigma of the McCarron name, Mike McCarron has joined the MANY other victims of persecution by Doug McCarron and his UBC cronies.

He too is now, as Doug McCarron in the LA Times article labeled all UBC members who disagree with his agenda or policies, a “Deranged Loner and Communist”.

Mike McCarron has had to sit and endure the ignorant rant and tirades that is a trademark of 5 ft tall and 5 ft wide Mike Draper. He has been a victim of the UBC scripted Phil Newkirk reports used as the excuse to steal his Council and railroad him as has been done so many times before with so many victims.

Despite the intentional lies and misinformation by potential John Does 1-50,  Mike McCarron has made no deal. He has not laid down and shut up because big bad Dougy McCarron said so.

What he HAS done is stood up and fought back. What he IS doing is trying to expose and hopefully bring a delusional tyrant to justice.

It is TIME for Doug McCarron and his cronies as individuals to be held accountable for using the funds and the offices of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters to wage vendetta campaigns against members and all others who refuse to be victims of their agendas.


  1. Well look at that justice is coming doug maybe you should buy a butt plug and stretch out your ass before you hit the federal pen. Oh Doug you are a lowlife living it up. Ahh but here comes a real lawyer not like the SHITBAG Walsh or Conboy or the Mobbed up Zip from California De Carlo. Watch your shitty little band of FUCKFACED CUM DUMPSTERS SING!!!!!!!!!!! Theyre going to run from your dick to the Federal Prosecutors balls quiker than you can steal the memberships money.Oh its so delicious to see a cowardly fuckbag like you rot. DIE YOPU FUCKING SCUMBAG a million times die for every real union member you fucked over.Oh sweet charity this is going to be rich!!!!!!! Kaiser Soze

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  2. No matter how this plays out , the rank and file members are gonna pay the bills for McCarrons actions , He is known for using our money for his own benefit


  4. The U.S. Departments of Labor and Justice are asleep at the switch. Time and time again rank and file members have offered proof of illegal acts by McCarron. The Department of Justice does nothing. ERISA does nothing. The wife of Mitch Miller O'Connell did nothing. Hilda Solis did nothing. And Secretary of Labor Perez is looking the other way as well. It is ALL about PAC money. Obama , the Clintons, Christ, even local congressmen and U.S. Senators are on the take. PAC money. It shuts down any REAL investigation. It nips the investigation in the bud. This country once enforced its Labor laws. It took years to establish workers rights. The National Labor Relations Act. ERISA. and the LMRDA. All unenforceable nowadays. All the people mentioned in this paragraph are crooks. They steal from the working man and give it to the rich. And when the working man wants statutes enforced, ALL these government officials stonewall, sandbag, and misdirect. It is a game to them. To screw the working men and women of this country. McCarron is a symbol of all that is corrupt not only with the union ,but our rotten to the core government officials and politicians.

  5. " How you like me now Frank? " Al Pacino, Scarface

    Ruh-Roh; the proverbial Cat is out of the Bag now Douglas J. McCarron & the above quotation aptly applies to both you & Frank Spencer, Banes, Silins & holy crap Batman - dumbass Danny Boy McDonald.

    Wow - talk about hiring morons, psychopaths & mental defectives to your inner circle Doug? I mean really, Danny Boy McDonald as your new Chief of Staff. Talk about trying to threaten, coerce and intimidate someone into sitting down & STFU (after you transferred him to the new post/position/title) to buy his silence and having it blow up in your face...holy crap Doug; you blew it man...WTF will Ronald N. Tutor say now, other than I taught you better than this.

    Quick Doug - Get the IBC International checkbook out stat ! How'z about a quick Confidential Settlement offer of say...$10 Million to avoid going to trial. WTF right; it's the cost of doing business in your corrupt little RICO world is it not?

    All General Presidents of International Trade Unions are presumed Guilty in the McCarron Kangaroo Court Trial system - oop's; scratch that - presumed innocent in a real Court of Law until proven guilty; or are they?

    * Is this Fiction or Non-Fiction? You be the Judge.

    * Will Doug seek out Lance Ito as the Judge, stay tuned...

    * Will the Bloom firm seek depositions from Dennis Walsh or Judge Berman as to their direct interactions with Douglas J. McCarron relative to intra-state and inter-state RICO activity, Hobbs Act extortion activities and other associated mob related actions and conspiracies with US DOJ officials when he places UBCJA Distirct Councils under so called UBCJA International Trusteeships?

    * Will Douglas J. McCarron depose God himself?

    * Has God undergone re-training and UBCJA mandated journeyman upgrade courses and Certifications for those things God has done for countless millenia & done so w/o Doug's approval?

    1. I love the " will the Bloom Firm seek depositions from Dennis Walsh or Judge Berman as to their direct interactions with McCarron " ....

      I see a BIG NON - DISCLOSURE settlement for Mike McCarron and the Bloom lawfirm. That is how General President McCarron operates. Mike McCarron will ride off into the sunset with millions of the UBC's dues and fund money. And the Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Labor will see no evil and hear no evil . Just like McCarron and his non - disclosure MO, the government will be deaf , dumb, and blind as usual.

      The rank and file members will never know anything about the settlement once McCarron's lawyers get to the U.S. District Court Judge. And the ironic thing is that rank and file members will pay ALL the settlement money and lawyers fees.

      Is this like Russia or what ??????

    2. cancer asap to everyone at the nycdcc

  6. cancer asap to everyone at the nycdcc

  7. remember folks the members will be paying any and all bills. it does not matter, mccarron,the lawyers,the justice dept, the politicians,they are all lined up to take more money from our funds.it is about the PAC money and them stealing all that they can,including our pensions, welfare benefits, etc.dont get involved folks and you are telling them to just go ahead and steal

  8. The Doug McCarron Tyranny is OVER!

    Tyrant McCarron, you will pay dearly for all the members’ lives you destroyed through your kangaroo court system. Thank God, your brother Mike is strong to take you on! What were you thinking, little brother Mike would just roll over? You have governed our Union like a grade-school bully, destroying anyone who opposes your beliefs or questioned your decisions. Karma is closing in on you Doug!

    Tyrant McCarron, you have hidden behind all the flashy architecture in Washington DC and Las Vegas, while selfishly making deals to pad your wallet, like the insider trading, as a ULLICO board member. Carpenter members are amazed that you said, “I’m no longer a carpenter.” You never fooled anyone! You were never a carpenter! Your short-term, working for cash career, defines your character, Doug! You are a FRAUD!

    Tyrant McCarron, you foolishly surrounded yourself with stupid, self-consumed, yes-men, not one of them believing in brotherhood! They used our Union for self-promotion and self-serving interests. I hope your comfortable Doug! Maybe you will share a cell with your cronies, Draper, Banes, and your pudgy little kid, Danny Macdonald! You will make a great team in a federal facility!

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