Thursday, August 7, 2014

NYCDCC vs. Assn of Wall-Ceiling and Carpentry Industries of NY, Inc.

This dispute arises out of the WCC’s claim that the International Agreement executed between it and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (“UBC”) the parent of the WCC, supersedes the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the WCC and the DCC. The DCC seeks to set aside an arbitration award issued on July 22, 2014 in favor of the WCC.


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  2. Score one for Murphy & the NYCDCC for once! It's about damn time that the D.C. grew a set and started behaving like the near $5 Billion dollar Corporation which it is; albeit, an alleged Non-Profit Corporation.

    A few salient points must be added here though with respect to the claim that there is only one cause of action with regard to 100% Full Mobility, the Consent Decree, the UBCJA's ongoing & continual interference with Local Union affairs through its attorneys (Conboy, Quinn, DeCarlo & Shanley, Walsh & Bharara) and it's multi-state racketeering across each of the 50-state lines.

    1) The UBCJA has conspired openly with the alleged independent Review Officer (R.O.) and the United States Attorneys Office (Walsh & Bhara) to maintain control of the District Council and all of its contract negotiations with WCC & every Contractor Association long after the UBCJA's Trusteeship expired and it has inserted terms and conditions into every subsequent contract which expressly violate the Consent Decree and via autocratic fiat both eliminate, shred & eviscerate decades of NLRB Board, Appellate Court & United States Supreme Court precedent.

  3. cont. -

    2) The UBCJA (the International) is not a "superordinate affiliate"; rather, it is a criminal organization wherein the Don's doff $5k dollar suits and scoff at any & all law(s) on the books which the rest of the Labor movement both honors and comply's with.

    3) The UBCJA via its incestuous relationship with the R.O.'s office and the NY branch of the United States Attorneys Office has used the Consent Decree, the Federal District Court, the RO & his staff, the U.S.A.O.'s office and his staff to further conspire with a known criminal organization, the WCC to further their criminal RICO organization across each of the 50-state lines to control the labor market and the manpower of its constituent Local Unions to execute contract terms & conditions via the use of Project Labor Agreements (PLA's) wherein the corrupt Contractor Associations and other parties receive both gratuities and kick-backs in the form of cash, illegal contract extensions and wage & benefit contribution reductions wherein the UBCJA, the RO & USAO's offices through the UBCJA International and its attorneys control all negotiations via fraudulent elections and appointment of D.C. Officers personally selected to run or be appointed by the parties named above under the direct threat of illegal veto should they not agree to participate in the conspiracy.

    4) Local Union members who have made multiple legal submissions to the Federal District Court since the August 5, 2009 indictments and the subsequent UBCJA International Trusteeship was imposed have made countless legal submissions to the Court all of which were subsequently denied by those orchestrating, controlling, participating and profiting from the criminal RICO organizations affairs.

    5) The aforementioned criminal RICO Organization and the parties participating in & controlling same have illegally converted each and every NYCDCC contract from NLRA 8(f) Hiring Agreements to 9(a) contracts without one scintilla of proof or any factual evidence by any legally cognizeable evidentiary standard proving a true an accurate majority; or, by holding the mandatory 9(a) Election as required by Federal Labor law(s) and NLRB Board precedent. For its part, the Court and its Judges both past & present have ignored this simple requirement claiming it falls outside of the express terms & conditions of the Consent Decree, however, given the gravity of the near 25-year old racketeering organizations existence and its seeming insatiable desire to return; the Court has ignored it's own inherent authority to act via All Writs Act application or via a simple sua-sponte ruling to end said practice and it has thus indirectly participated in the continuation of the criminal RICO conspiracy and in fact has extended it's tenacles and furthered its existence and its ill gotten and illegal gains therein warranting removal of Judge Berman and his staff from the case.

    6) Given the above - the D.C. must make an application with the US DOL & the U.S. Dept. of Justice for a formal investigation and indictment of the actors noted above.

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