Thursday, August 7, 2014

Letter to Judge Berman from the Review Officer

Dear Judge Berman: I write as requested by the Court in its Order of June 6”‘ to comment on the proposed Stipulation and Order and Independent Monitor.

I said in the conclusion to my Fifth Interim Report that the shared goal of all concerned with the District Council “is an autonomous District Council, governed wisely by members who flourish in a sound democratic system.” I cited Emerson’s guidance that “bolts and bars are not the best of our institutions” and said “that which will serve the members best” will be the product of their intellect and hard work, integrity and courage.” Fifth Interim Report at 42. The difficulty in this regard is of course devising a method to determine when the leaders of the District Council and its Benefit Funds are capable of meeting the responsibility to prudently conduct the business of the Union and the Funds in a continually compliant manner. Though that time may be near, I believe that some mechanism must be in place to insure that the investment of time, money and intellect made by the parties, the Court and my office is protected.



  2. Four Million dollars flushed down the drain for Mr. Walsh's mandated Magic Stewie Wand which to date has proved to be a miserable failure.

    The R.O. and/or his buddies at the U.S. Attorney's Office have not one iota of a clue as to how much money is late/delinquent/unpaid/stolen by the Mob and/or SIgnatory PLA Contractors or those working for a fee for McCarron under the phony UBCJA International Agreement.

    None of the in or outside CPA's at the D.C. or the so called Benefit Trust Funds or their respective legal counsel have a clue as to how many tens of millions of dollars remain unpaid because each & all of them including the Court has ignored the requirement for the Benefit Trust Fund payments to be paid timely with the man or woman's pay check - as opposed to getting around to checking on it 6-weeks later or the now claimed 3-weeks later (and that is just for the review & in no way, shape or form guarantees any payment was made at all).

  3. You do comprehend basic Contract Law Mr. Walsh - don't you?

    Tell us a story in Latin Mr. R.O. as to how & why the current contracts do not require Benefit Trust Fund Payments to be made each & every week with the man or woman's Pay Check; and, when they are not paid timely how they are not delinquent (that means late which means interest begins accruing immediately).

    How many tens of Millions of Dollars remain unpaid, delinquent (late) or in the hands of Mobbed up Contractor Mr. Walsh? How many Millions of Dollars in Interest Payments are owed on those delinquent payments Mr. R.O.?

    Where the hell is your application or the U.S. Attorneys application to Judge Berman demanding the that Council & the Benefit Trust Funds undergo a detailed Forensic Audit from stem to stern?

    Where the hell is it Dennis? Every members Annuity Fund suffers an immediate impact and loss the very day their benefits go unpaid as said Funds are thus unavailable in each members personal account and are not available (credited) to the personal account for Investment or the subsequent earnings & FV which would otherwise be there had yo only had the ba-lls & temerity to do your job, practice what you have preached & demonstrate to the Court that you at a bare minimum comprehend the basic fundamentals of how private money is actually earned and how it is used to accumulate wealth. Your inept behavior in this regard is costing many rank & file members and retirees a ton of dough - because you were, are & remain absolutely clue less.

  4. How many Millions of Dollars has Doug McCarron socked away in late/delinquent/stolen Benefit Trust Fund payments for all the so called 2-person jobs with no Union Steward - ho many Mr. Walsh?

    What's your cut for agreeing with Murphy & McGuire that their phony Second Grade level reporting to the Court & Judge Berman to date means a damn thing?

    The only one's doing the racketeering over State Lines since 2009 are you guys - and that includes Conboy, Quinn & the fcking Judge - let's tell it like it really is Dennis & stop having make pretend like every one in the D.C is mentally retarded.

    Try that one for a change. The truth shall set you free Dennis..........

  5. Dennis - get a clue. Do you think that every person in the District Council is gullible enough to believe that Operation Watch Dog (better known as Operation Woofy-Woof replete with its elementary school pic's of the Bull Dog on Steroids was a credible presentation to a sitting United States Federal District Court Judge?

    Is that why you pawned off that portion of the Magic Stewie Wand program onto dumb-a-ss Murphy because neither you. McCarron, Conboy, Quinn or Preet Bharaara could do it with a straight face w/o laughing your proverbial a-sses off & making a mockery of the court, its rules and processes more so than you already have?

    Are you on the pot? Are you using a Bong or a Crack Pipe?

  6. Dennis - the thief comes to steal, kill & destroy. right?

    So given you've been participating in the theft since 1998 I am amazed you've lasted this long. Oh yeah - the private sectors gonna tear you up. Out there in the real world of non make believe and attorney on Madison Ave actually has to earn his living verses simply sticking your hand out for that monthly kiss.

    The easy money spigot is gonna come up dry real soon. Lying & Karma have a way with catching up with a man & you like the rest of the thieves in the Liars Club will get your's soon enough; albeit, when you least expect it.

    Liar, Liar...........

  7. Dennis - Having trouble adjusting to the dreaded private sector? Just go away & stop billing the D.C. for doing nothing.

    Surely this letter is not worth $40-$50k per Month, so just go away before you get prosecuted.

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