Monday, September 1, 2014

Brief Of Patrick Nee And Levy Messenetti In Response To Courts Request For Submissions

We write in response to the Court's Order dated July 25, 2014, issued following the Second Circuit's Summary Order dated July 23,2014 in this matter. The Circuit vacated the Court's decision of October 23, 2012 upholding the Review Officer's veto of Patrick Nee and Levy Messinetti as officers and delegates of Local 157 and remanded the matter for further proceedings.


  1. cancer asap to everyone at the nycdcc

  2. " We were not District Council officers, we were officers of the Local Union which is a legal separate entity "
    Rich Dorrough called that one !
    As Bill Clinton famously said ... " I did not have sex with that woman "
    That assertion rested on the definition of " sex ".
    Walsh will now have to earn his keep as he tries to establish the definition of " veto ". You can bet that the Bermeister will lend his support. But established case law will bite Walsh on the arse.
    Nee has a competent and diligent lawyer. ( wonder if he knows McCarron ? ) Walsh must wonder who the hell it is ?
    Another chink in the armor of the Walsh / Bermeister blitzkrieg.

  3. berman will not allow his fellow fraudster to swing in the breeze. it is all well and good to think that we can battle these fraudster motherfuckers but the fact remains that these bastards will 'fix' the outcome.all lawyers are fraudsters as said by the man who wrote 'common sense'.just look at the picture of walsh when he first got here,wearing a kmart suit and his scraggly little brown mustache.a year later he sports a 2000 dollar suit and he colors his hair(what's left)blonde. you cant make this shit up. walsh never made any money until he started stealing 70000 to 140000 per month from us. just another day in the life of a nycdcc journeyman. been gettin beat about the head for over ..............

    1. One union vs. a working man union. You can also bet that the BAR association " union " will hold together tight. Lots of chamber talk. In the end you are right. The working carpenter gets relieved of his money.
      As my old man always said about the carpenters union... " You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear "

  4. Nee, Messenetti submission. pg. 6/8, Par. 2., Sent. 2:

    "We actually find it disturbing that the Assistant United States Attorney believes that it would not be possible to successfully prosecute someone, if they should be allowed an opportunity to defend themselves."

    By far the definitive commentary relative to the Walsh tenure as the Court appointed Review Officer and his legacy; not of course withstanding the wink-wink side deals made in Berman's chamber wherein they collectively conspired to use the Consent Decree and the Stipulation and Order to negate, shred and eviscerate the NLRA, LMRA, LMRDA and decades of longstanding Circuit Court and United States Supreme Court precedent and simultaneously usurp the role of the U.S. Congress to introduce & pass legislation through the House of Representatives and the Senate.

    The wink-wink side deals in Judge Berman's chambers to illegally extend the UBCJA Internationals Trusteeship over the NYCDCC was orchestrated for the primary purpose of ending the members rights to elect & vote for their chosen representative as guaranteed under NLRA Sec. 7 and instead substitute their hand-picked criminal cronies and fellow RICO scam artists and substitute the UBCJA's ex Federal Judge Kenneth Conboy, Attorney Brian Quinn and Douglas J. McCarron's jointly conspired re-write of the D.C.'s By-laws to suit their criminal RICO enterprise across too many state lines to list. Let's just say it was all 50 for a nice round number.

    The primary purpose of said By-Law changes was to end every Local Unions ability to organize and structure itself as the U.S. Congress intended and as a myriad of court precedent demands, so that all elected/paid staff positions at the Local Union level would cease to exist.

  5. Dennis, this one's tailor made for you:

    Qui male agit odit lucem!

    A person who does wrong hates the light...(of discovery)

    Oooh, aaah - Burn. Discovery, that's a dirty word - not in McCarron's damn Union; right Dennis?
    A member being allowed to obtain standing....not In Judge Bermn's damn Court room; right Dennis? Was that not part & parcel to the wink-wink in chambers court house side deals you all made and pledged to abide by, inclusive of the alleged (yet proven) United States Department of Justice, U.S. Attorneys Office, S.D.N.Y. and its participating & conspiring attorneys?

    * Is this Fiction or Non-Fiction - you be the Judge...

    * All International Union General Presidents, U.S. Attorneys, court appointed Review Officers & sitting U.S. Federal District Court Judges are guilty until proven innocent....(oop's, crap, thought we we in the UBCJA & NYCDCC IG's phony ars Kangaroo Court system); I mean, innocent until Eric Holder grows a set large enough to prosecute them...(oop's, crap - I mean innocent until proven guilty in a real Court of law outside the jurisdiction of the S.D.N.Y)., or do I?

    Why this saga is the best running script for a made for TV Mini-Series I have seen in quite a long time.

    This sh-it is better than the Soprano's - after all, the suits & ties, the lawyers & judges conspiring with one another to keep this 24+year old abortion of Justice going ad-nauseum, ad-infinitum.

    Of course it has nothing to do with the near $5-Billion dollars of play money available at the Benefit Trust Funds. Why - it's their Union damn it, just ask them.

    Do they not control all?
    Is it not a well oiled and corrupt machine?
    Does life working in the dreaded private sector and arguing real cases in real courts of law suck that much? Is the easy fcking Money Train now pulling out of Penn Station?

    Stay tuned.........


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