Sunday, July 20, 2014

Retirees and New York City District Council of Carpenters Welfare Fund Reach Settlement

On May 23, 2012, a group of retirees, by and through their attorney, The Law Office of Harvey S. Mars LLC, filed a lawsuit against the New York City District Council of Carpenters Welfare Fund, which they allege among other things, that the retiree class will be required to pay substantial monthly and other co-payments for what were previously free benefits and their participation in the plan will be terminated unless such premiums are paid.

On July 17, 2014 without mention of the lawsuit, the Board of Trustees, the NYCDCC Welfare Fund announce that a plan has been approved for the restoration of dental coverage, as well as a fifty percent reduction in retiree premiums.

Below is a letter dated July 18, 2014, from the attorneys representing the Welfare Fund to Judge Paul Oetken stating that the parties have reached a settlement of this matter in its entirety.


  1. does anyone know the details of this so called settlement?????????? Just announcing a settlement with NO DETAILS helps nobody.

  2. Confidential & No Admittance of anywrongdoing on the part of the D.C., McCarron, Conboy, Roger Newman, Dennis Walsh or the corrupt U.S. Attorneys Office who oversaw the D.C. and it's affairs while allegedly under a Civil RICO Consent Decree wherein they collectively represented to the Court that they were the good guys, they were here to help & to end corruption for all time....yada, yada.

    The only problem with this claim is that it was a lie from day one and they have collectively proven themselves far more corrupt than the alleged Mobsters ever were. In fact, they have collectively bilked the working Union Carpenter of tens of million every year for 24-years in fees for their lawyer buddies, CPA's & other white collar career criminals notwithstanding the $81.25 Million dollars directly stolen from members Vacation Wages from August 1998 through June of 2012 via the Blue Card Vacation Wage Racketeering scam.

    They'll never tell or admit one ounce of wrongdoing because their scam is still going strong - right. They're still there & there still billing the rank & file via the D.C. monthly. The Easy Money Gravy Train is one hard ride to get off of when the alternative is their trying to cut it in the dreaded private sector; where performance & profitability matter.

    Why get off the ride when they've scammed the members, the media & the Court for 25-years.

    Yes sir ree Bob, Easy Fcking Money & like Seargent Schultz, I know nutting, confidentiality & non-admittance of wrongdoing, yeah baby - the only way to fly; right Dennis? Better exit stage right before the indictments come & pretend to stand for something. Hey, how are those new digs working out for ya? Is that plush new Law Office w/ the snotty address helping ya draw the clients in the door?

    No matter, like all thieves who come to steal kill & destroy -your day of reckoning shall come.

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