Sunday, July 27, 2014

Benefits Toolbox July Newsletter

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  1. i dont know people. we are not getting our BASIC benefits restored. they are taking out, what 14.64 per hour for our benefits? since 2011 we have had 10% co-insurance payments on top of the co-pays,then the deductables and 14.64 per hour!!!!! what the fuck????? why????? then we hear that this new dental program is a scam. doesnt cover shit,lousy program that doesnt have good dentists,etc. who is kidding who? just exactly what are we getting here,feeders at the trough?????restore our benefits to what we had in previous years,before the june 2011 raping of our benefits. enough of the bullshit. people GET long as the majority of members stays uninvolved the feeders at the trough are laughing their asses off,all the way to their banks.


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