Thursday, July 31, 2014

Picket Duty Opportunity - Join Build Up NYC

Let's join BUNYC next Wednesday August 6 at the City Planning Commission's hearing regarding Astoria Cove! We want to call on Brooklyn Bridge Park to make a strong commitment to good, safe jobs and affordable housing in Brooklyn and having Union workers would benefit our cause greatly! Come show your support and do your part to help secure good middle class construction, building services, and security jobs in Brooklyn!



  1. Why would I go ??. I have called in 4 Non Union Dockbuilding jobs this year so far . And I was told that the organizing dept doesn't consider them worth persuing with a PICKET LINE . I will never participate in picket duty again , ever ,and I have never failed to do my picket duty in 30 years ,even before it was mandatory ,sometimes 2 and three times a year

  2. "even before it was mandatory" Picket duty cannot be mandatory. it violates the NLRA Section 7 which gives you the right to tell them to stick Picket duty or anything else in their ass. The UBC has already been before the NLRB on this and already LOST yet again. They cannot force you fine you or discriminate against you in any way for refusing. The case they UBC LOST was for bypassing members on the out of work list who chose not to picket.

  3. Post a snipit from this decision!

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