Thursday, October 31, 2013

EST October Town Hall

EST Oct. Townhall P1 from NYCDCC on Vimeo.

EST Oct. Townhall P2 from NYCDCC on Vimeo.



  2. Not impressed with questions. I'm retired for a time now, but think there needs to be better thought out questions and come backs to the non answers from Mcguiness. The lack of participation by members says it all!

  3. Dear Couch Potato Anonymous: Shame on you. Then show up. We're carpenters, not TV personalities. It is very difficult and awkward keeping momentum going with three people. I'm retired too and I've decided to try to stay engaged. Please join in at the next one and bring your more impressive questions. Lisa Narducci

  4. Not worried about comebacks, McInnis producing non answers should be enough. Since you realize the importance of non answers, where's that specific outrage?

    1. I'm not outraged because I'm not surprised at all that things turned out this way since the summer. Steve has a lot of good skills but he wasn't supposed to be our EST.

      I'm not sure if anything newly outrageous has occurred for me specifically since Mike Bilello got thrown under the bus. Wasn't That productive? Unless you're talking about the ruling on the 157 delegate elections. Do you think Steve would have a useful answer for that?

      We should keep the MWA arbitrations up front to support the members of 2790. And Brava to Sianad Wadsworth and the new apprentice group. Brother Bill (I didn't get his last name) did a great job. And the $10 million? I wish I thought of that, glad that he did. Since there is no definitive decision how to allocate it, let's not express outrage AFTER it's allocated, let's discuss with our delegates how best to utilize it.

      I think we still have an EST election unless I missed a communication or there was another nit to pick to oust the underdog: The Lone Challenger? Go Greg! And well, it looks like 157 will be voting again for delegates. I want to keep the ones I have, so I'll vote for them again. - Lisa Narducci

    2. You refer to an EST election schedule which has been effected by McInnis's inability to even be considered a candidate.


    3. He's still Pro Tem until the election schedule is re-set, unless the members call for his removal. Then who's next in line?……temporarily….. ...Exactly.
      How about WE press for those election schedules to get set. Let's start over until we get it right. The word is WE - Lisa Narducci

    4. "Mike Bilello got thrown under the bus"

      He piloted himself there.

  5. carpenters,we need all the prayers to keep this organization togerther,we have to come up with good solutions for the better for the union,for the better of the membership,and rightfully so weall deserve it.our hard earned dollars should not be wasted on the computers andhiring all these unnecessary people at the is our money,our whole entire membership deserves better and my prayers go out to the hard union workers who really are the real heroes who make contrabutions into the benefit funds.

  6. I don't agree that we should let slip the opportunity to develop an I.T. system. It just has to function properly and the focus can't shift away from the new compliance system which has to function way better.

  7. Remember that two credits McInnis was appointed to a six-figure job by Mike Fraud along with Eddie McWilliams. Both have been total failures representing the membership.

  8. when a carpenters union has a guy with 2 credits running the show we are in deep trouble

  9. Hey retired - Bob's questions were spot on, where have you been?

    CONSENT DECREE AUDIT: This one is a serious no brainer. We in the UBCJA and it's affiliated District Councils and Local Unions are required by Federal law to audit all income & outflow for every expense incurred. The NYCDCC and the Federal Court, RO & USAO's offices have all failed miserably in this regard. The Consent Decree was implemented on March 6, 1994 and it will soon have it's 20-year birthday or anniversary if you prefer. The lame excuses proffered by EST Pro Tem McGinnis show there is nothing in the past or current day from preventing Federal Judge Richard M. Berman Richard M. Berman issuance of an order demanding a full and independent financial audit for all costs related to the implementation of said Consent Decree.

    The simple fact of the matter is, a full, fair and independent audit would reveal exactly how inefficient and incompetent that the main players have been from day one in preventing corruption at the NYCDCC and it would expose all of them as such. Further, the order should also call for exactly how much the UBCJA International has expended in the same time period. Doug McCarron has not only caused many of the continuing problems, his continued direct involvement has exacerbated every problem and issue the members of NYCDCC continue to suffer under.

    Fact: After near 20-years, the UBCJA International and its alleged leadership/executives, the NYCDCC, the RO, USAO & the Federal District Court have failed to end the racketeeering or restore democracy to the D.C. The costs have been exhorbitant and the so called players whom all benefit directly or indirectly in some way, shape or form do not wish to end the easy money gravy train anytime soon, so the bullshit, lies and excuses will keep coming ad-nauseum, ad-infinitum for years to come because that is exactly how the players set it up to be run - for their benefit, not yours.

    1. His rambling answers are total bullsh*t.

      McInnis says he doesn't know what the RO meant by that organizing money has to go back to benefit the members.


    FACT: The NYC District Council and EST Pro-Tem McGinnis are lying about this issue.

    Said monies were illegally collected (scammed) from members vacation wages duly owed. This is the BLUE CARD VACATION WAGE EXTORTION scam run by the D.C. from 1998-2012 as it was authored by former R.O. & ex Federal Judge Kenneth Conboy and his cub attorney at the time, the current R.O. Dennis Walsh.

    The paperwork on this matter does not lie. The facts are the facts irrespective of the fact that IRO Conboy tried burying them in his reports to the Federal Court when Judge Haight was in charge of the case. The figures clearly show that the D.C. scammed/skimmed approximately $87 Million dollars from members Vacation Checks (not including interest) & did so illegally under the direct review & observation of the USAO, the RO & the Federal District Court.

    Their actions were corrupt then and they continue to be corrupt today and the issue has not been finally adjudicated and is currently part of the Enright litigation by retirees.

    EST Pro-Tem McGinnis's attempt to obfuscate, deny or directly lie to Bob as to his or the Distirct Council's alleged authority to use the admitted to surplus of Vacation Wages (and interest) extorted (stolen) from rank & file members to use as a hedge against a payment owed in an arbitration Settlement Conference on the MWA issue OR ANY OTHER MATTER WHEREIN MEMBERS ARE NOT REIMBURSED DIRECTLY is not only severely misplaced (morally, logically, ethically & legally speaking), it is a continuation of one Racketeering Scam to support the other Racketeering Scam, that being the Doug McCarron, Frank Spencer, Thomassen & Sheil dog & pony show with the MWA within days of the August 5, 2009 FBI sting/bust/arrest of Forde, Greaney, Oliveri & corrupt Stewards to have Sheil execute an illegal contract with the MWA that caused the current $59M dollar arbitration abortion with the MWA and its corrupt officers, agents and other actors, inclusive of its attorneys of record.

    McGinnis is unfit to lead now or in the future because he lies when openly questioned on simple issues. REFUND THE MONEY STOLEN DIRECTLY TO THE MEMBERS STEVE. e.g. Be a man and do the right thing, or save us the bullshit and resign.

    There is nothing complicated about this whatsoever.

    The D.C. is trying to use one Criminal Racketeering scam to pay for the other Criminal Racketeering scam and all of it is done directly under the nose of a corrupt and useless United States Attorneys Office, the current RO and was proffered by a corrupt former IRO and a corrupt UBJA International G.P.

    Judge Berman needs to remove Preet Bashara & his minions at the USAO and replace all of them. McGinnis gotta go as well. Judge Berman also needs to unseal the McCarron & D.C. deal with Sheil & Thomassen and order a grand jury investigation into all of their collective actions on these two major violations of the Federal RICO statutes. It's time Berman installed a Rudy Guiliani type USAO with the sack & the brains to end this 20-year racketeering scam and take out those who continue to break the law at will and with the blessing of the USAO & the Federal District Court.

    You people are an embarassment to your professions and some of the players should also be disbarred from the practice of law, starting with ex federal judge Conboy.

    The longer both McGinnis & Cavanaugh are allowed to continue their employment with the D.C., the more complicit the current RO will be in the continued fraud and scamming of members rights, property and monies which they, not the International, the USAO, the Court or the RO ought to control.

    McCarron, McGinnis and Cavanaugh all have to go down. Until this occurs, the USAO, the Court & the RO will lose any credibility they have left!

  11. Lcl 157 communication re: Approved motion to have employers open books to justify hardship allowances.

    " If it was sent to me three months ago and remains in a stack of unaddressed business on my desk, I haven't gotten to it yet.


    Is that the to be "shit canned" stack. or those needing to be "procrastinated" stack.

    In or out baby, In or out.

  12. McInnis looked at these questions as one members search for a "gotcha" moment. VERBATIM!

    His answers, or more appropriately his non answers & avoidance of the issues presented to him unambiguously provides the membership reason # 1, > he needs to go now!

  13. Has anyone posted on the new "message board" at the lower right corner of the Council web page? There was a comment option below the EST Forum video there, I posted a comment but then the option went missing and so did my comment. Kwame Patterson wrote me that the comment option was revamped to the "message board", that I should re-post. I haven't gotten back to it to test it. The "message board" is now up. No one has written yet. I'd like to see other members, with the encouragement of this small group take conversations like this further. Or am I being naive? I'm trying to piece things together having been out of the loop and people have been talking to me about it for a while. Imagine how confused other members must be. - Lisa Naiveducci

  14. Thank you Robert Makowski for giving Beluga Whale Steve McInnis heartburn. It warms my heart to think a superioir ball buster like yourself is giving it to this skell as deserved. I would also point out that bob is always spot on when questioning his so called superioirs. Bob is a member who understands that he along with twentythousand other members are the owners of this union. Bravo Bob keep the fight alive. Thank You Labor Omnia Vicit

  15. from 157 blogspot, Excerpt of Article dated No. 25, 2010:

    On May 7th, we reported that Thomassen, who reportedly made $384,757, "suddenly resigned" from his position as assistant supervisor of the New York City District Council of Carpenters.

    Insiders said Supervisor Frank Spencer held a close door meeting with Thomassen and "painted him as a continuation" of the Forde's administration's failed policies.

    On May 11, the New York Daily News ran a front page story reporting that Thomassen resigned amid revelations of massive spending on steak dinners, junkets and parties.

    On June 19, the New York Post ran an editorial entitled, "Union Lable: Suckers," and reported an "indictment is anticipated against Thomassen."

    On August 1, the New York Daily News reported that Dennis Walsh, the fifth federal monitor appointed to clean up the city's powerful, corrupt and politically connected carpenters union said:

    "The District Council is still awash in corruption, has significant problems, and I am conducting multiple investigations of corrupt activity ... which will likely lead to internal union charges and possible criminal referrals."

    [ so much for likely, right. What kind of shady deals were made with Conboy, McCarron, the RO & USAO to keep the Fed's from indicting Sneaky Pete? There is a direct tie to this issue & McCarrons alleged supervisor extrodinairre (hatchet man) Frank Spencer and the abortive deal with the MWA which has the D.C. on the Hook for a $59M dollar arbitration award. How much of a kickback will all these participants share in once McGinnis (the fall guy) is forced to settle up?]

    On August 6, in an article entitled "The Sounds of Silence" we reported that there was no mention of disgraced former District Council "Unity Team" president, Pete Thomassen, in the summer 2010 issue of The Carpenter Magazine.

    "Other than a personal note from Local 1456 President Charles Harkin, congratulating Thomassen, on his retirement, there is not a single word written or any acknowledgment by the District Council or supervisor, Frank Spencer, that Thomassen was ever elected president or appointed assistant supervisor of the District Council."

    Here is a nice house for sale.


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