Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Carpenters union gives $100K, leading a last-minute push for de Blasio


Bill de Blasio's massive lead in the mayor's race hasn't discouraged some last-minute contributions to his campaign.

Late last week, the NYC United Brotherhood of Carpenters poured $100,000 into the race, by way of a pro-de Blasio super PAC.

The union gave the donation to the New York Progress PAC on November 1, according to a recent filing with the New York State Board of Elections. (In the closing weeks of the race, political campaigns and committees must report all contributions of $1,000 or more within 24 hours.)

The New York Progress PAC is a coalition of some of the city's most powerful public and private labor unions, including the United Federation of Teachers and the Communication Workers of America, who pooled their resources to support de Blasio's campaign.

The PAC raised more than $1 million back in October to spend on broadcast cable TV ads attacking de Blasio's opponent, Republican nominee Joe Lhota.

In October, the group reported $25,000 from the Plumbing Contractors Political Action Commitee.

According to Josh Gold, political director for the Hotel Trades Council, which has also contributed money to the PAC, the late contributions added a final buy of programming.

“We knew [the spots] would reach the last remaining undecided voters,” said Gold in an e-mail.

The ad, which had already been airing for a week, played during college football matchup on ABC, Sunday Night Football on NBC, the Nets game against the Miami Heat, and coverage of the ING NYC Marathon.

De Blasio's campaign committee, New Yorkers for de Blasio, also received some last-minute contributions, from Napster creator and early Facebook founder Sean Parker; the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees; Unite Here Local 2850 and Unite Here Local 52, all of which gave $4,950 over the weekend.


  1. This is what you, not the membership, wanted McInnis. Thanks for that heaping portion of democracy.

  2. When a candidate has a commanding lead, and then you donate, it's either wasted (why not, it's not your money) or your buying political favor. We've done this so often for no results, you really are dopes!


  4. More wasteful spending by the council honchos.

  5. Hey - it's the UBC afterall.

    In every UBCJA District Council, whatever is taken in is routinely spent in short order. Most of what they do is for "Job Justification" for the do-nothing, know nothing hacks, the at will D.C. employee all of whom are beholden to their EST & Sieg Heil, Dictator Doug.

    So let's see - here we have a dude clearly in the lead & the Council idiots & minions justify a $100k last minute donation to reach the dimwitted multi-tasking newbies who play with their cell phones all day - you know, the ADHD types who are so consumed by all those flashes on the screens (phones, tablets & their large screen electronic baby-sitters) that ya just gotta reach em all by blast e-mails, text messages, their face-bootie page & twiddle dee-dee simultaneously to remind them to take their med's & whom to vote for?

    Must be necessary. Crap - would not want their over-taxed little brains to forget where their job was the next day or when start time was. Shit, they might get confused, right?

    So what project permit will the $100k buy & how many man-hours will the funds receive from the project when it starts? Of course - the other end of that equation will be another freakin PLA, all but guaranteed, right?

    Given the families still suffering from Hurricane Sandy, one would think that the D.C. dolts could have actually put that $100 thousand dollars to good use to help their own whether via a lottery of some form or through local charitable organizations. But hell, that would require that they exercise that mass between their ears & that's called work, something most there are allergic to. Wouldn't want their wittle pea brains to hurt now would we!

  6. charity begins at home. scumbag decision by scumbag nycdc


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