Thursday, October 3, 2013

Court Transcript of 9/30/2013

On September 16, 2013 Review Officer Dennis Walsh petitioned the Court requiring the District Council to "Implement Updated Business and IT Operations Plan." The upgrade was previously rejected by the Executive Committee and Delegate Body.

Judge Richard Berman scheduled a hearing for September 30, 2013 at 11 a.m. on the RO's petition to enforce his recommendations regarding upgrading the DC’s IT platform and business practices.

Below is the Court Transcript of that hearing.

Court Transcript 9-30-13

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  1. Judge Jones cannot save the former EST McGinnis from the obvious fact that in house counsel Murphy is inept & ill equipped to handle the daily affairs of the D.C..

    Judge Jones can't save McGinnis from the fact that he has failed to live up to the additional standards imposed by the R.O. regarding compliance procedures to ensure that the Signatory GC's & Subcontractors hours and the benefits are reported accurately and paid at the end of each week, to each man per contract when due.

    The reports generated by the D.C. to date are an embarassment. Elementary school students could write a better program and produce a far better report. The D.C. & it's vendor have siphoned away, better still, they have stole $1.4 Million dollars plus their monthly fees for producing garbage & then have the gall to submit it to the Federal Court & Judge Berman without the requisite fiduciary accounting & numbers to back it all up.

    The not ready for prime time players have failed the rank & file yet again. The LM-2's show that they are all over-paid far past their real world experience in any business environment & that they are all a bunch of yes men in office to line their own pockets & for no other purpose.

    Local Union Meetings and the D.C. Executive & Delegate meetings are all but a dog & pony show to justify their do nothing jobs.


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