Sunday, October 27, 2013

Delegate Election Protest Reponse Letter

This memorandum will document the circumstances of William Walsh being deemed not eligible to serve as Delegate to the New York City District Council of Carpenters (“NYCDCC”) on October 9th, 2013 (See McCarron letter Below). The paradigms of this memorandum will elucidate how the Stipulation and Order and Consent Decree are being provoked and anticipate the United States District Court’s assessment on why Mr. Walsh’s eligibility results are disregarded by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (“UBC”) General President Douglas J. McCarron.

Mr. Walsh’s was regarded not eligible for the position of Delegate to the NYCDCC by the UBC General President in Section 31D of the UBC Constitution. The election protest was received by the UBC on July 15th, 2013, initiated by Mr. Joseph Nina, Local 157 member and NYCDCC Trustee, who was not re-elected to serve as a delegate at the June 19th, 2013 election. Mr. Nina proceeded to file the grievance on Mr. Walsh’s disability eligibility, not the nomination, election protest or an election procedure. It is clear in Section 53G of the UBC Constitution that “any grievance may be appealed to the General President thirty (30) days from the date the grievance occurred.”


  1. Isnt it great when a Dictator of a Democratic Union gets to make up the rules as they go along. Then you stop and think about all the misdeeds Dennis Walsh let go by while selectivley enforcing the rules consent decree provides. It pits the membership in a losing battle never being able to predict if the RO will enforce rules and law that gives the powerless member any type of leverage.Douglas McCarron an individual who himself is collecting a pension himself finds William Walsh unable to be a delegate is laughable at best. It makes me think about the millions in bribes Federal officials have recieved,people like former IRO conboy, or recent hire from the NLRB. McCarron spends our money to have officials deny us our democractic rights as Union members while an RO of the United States Federal Court claims he cant enforce the law against them. Its a perverted situation at best.The purposeful intertwining of the RO being paid by the DC makes him beholden to the DC's intrest's which have not benefitted the membership. This is a District Council so delusional it believes it should represent the contractors, this Union was formed for the membership to gain leverage with contractors, and if you ask a member they will say so. The DC leadership has given away the farm to the contractors with no return investment that benefits the members. This is a Facist leadership that claims its a democratic organization. Bill Walsh has done plenty of heavy lifting for the membership thru the years risking his own livelyhood to promote justice and fairness for all members. Although i dont know Joe Nina i have never seen him or heard him speak up for the benefit of the membership ever. I am personally offended that a Insider trading scam artist dictator can deride our right to democractic governance. I suggest that all union members write the RO and Doug McCarron to protest this ABORTION of justice. We should hire the ACLU to sue McCarron and Co and watch this Dictator fall as should be.

    1. Bill Walsh all too often bashed the RO and now the RO defends Bill Walsh's right to bash him by protecting him from the International. The man is selfless.


  3. Denni$ Wal$h should be sued by the ACLU.

  4. "The consensus of the membership is union democracy is under attack and their votes don’t count. It was stated that this is a demonstration of partiality and it is discouraging the membership to participate in their union. This alienation is where the Consent Decree is under attack. Members continue to lose confidence in their leaders when their votes are cast and they witness decent, proven members trying to better their union get elected and then voided. For General President McCarron to rule that Mr. Walsh does not meet any of the requirements and was not depending on the trade is problematic. Mr. McCarron is clearly disregarding the documented proof of confirmed worked hours and dispatches from the OWL. Mr. Walsh was relying on the OWL before, during the election and continues to depend on the trade. There still is no clear criteria sustained by the UBC on how many opportune hours are required to be considered “working for a livelihood” or “depending on the trade”. As long as Mr.McCarron and the UBC avoid the specifics of the William Walsh eligibility question, we will never have this indistinct issue resolved for future disabled and retired members. Any fair-minded, judicious person can clearly see that this is an injustice, political and discriminatory towards Mr. William Walsh, Delegates of Local 157 and the entire membership of the NYCDCC." (The R.O.).

    Lord help us if we ever get rid of Dennis Walsh. Oh ye of little faith, even after you bash him he steps to the plate for you! Remember that when you complain he costs too much!

  5. All of the words you speak are true.If Mr Walsh consistently stood for the membership with regard to contracts and other issues the membership would get behind him and McCarron wouldnt dare try another supervision cause hed be going to jail.


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