Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Review Officer to address Delegate Body

Walsh's term expires December 3, 2012.
Review Officer (RO) Dennis Walsh will be making an address to the delegate body on Thursday October 18, at 5 pm, all members are encouraged to attend this meeting.

It is my understanding that the government’s proposal to extend the RO's term by 18 months will be put to the delegate body for a vote. The full board of the Benefit Funds has already approved the proposal and it is expected that the District Council Executive Committee also agrees with the proposal.

The RO is an appointee of the United States District Court pursuant to a federal court order. That order expires on December 3, 2012. Under the order, The RO has the right to make a motion to extend his tenure under the order by six months.

The RO has publicly stated that he will do so in the absence of an extension stipulation.  Some weeks ago, the United States Attorney asked the Benefit Funds and the District Council to extend the tenure of the RO by 18 months. The trustees of the Benefit Funds have informed the RO and the government that they agree to such an extension.


  1. here, here - all those in favor, say aay! Motion carries

  2. When are the members of the NYC District Council of Carpenters going to TAKE control of their own union? Please stop GIVING control away.

  3. this will keep happening until the members take responsibility for their own union and not leave matters up to the few who show up to meetings,etc.EVERYONE NEEDS TO PARTICIPATE TO LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. ALL MEMBERS NEED TO BE PART OF THE PROCESS

  4. of course he is going to extend his tenure here because we HAVE to PAY his firm upwards of 80,000,90,000 per month.the jokes on us


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