Thursday, October 18, 2012

Delegates Vote to extend RO's term

After a very lengthy discussion and debate, delegates to the District Council voted tonight in favor of extending Review Officer (RO) Dennis Walsh term by 18 months.

The RO is an appointee of the United States District Court pursuant to a June 2010 federal court order. That order expires on December 3, 2012. Under the order, the RO has the right to make a motion to extend his tenure under the order by six months.

Some weeks ago, the United States Attorney asked the Benefit Funds and the District Council to extend the tenure of the RO by 18 months. The trustees of the Benefit Funds have informed the RO and the government that they agree to such an extension.

Delegates hotly debated the issue and voted 45 to 29 in favor of extending the RO's term.

Below is a transcript of the address made to the delegate body by the RO.
RO Address to Delegates 10-2.18.12


  1. tertium non datur

  2. Yeah what the hell why not continue paying him $75,000 a month along with his retired cops, another $300,000 for the year. Yeah thats a great way to balance our budget & REDUCE OUR BENEFITS even more. F u c k ing ridiculous


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