Thursday, July 28, 2011

2011 Contract Negotiations Update


This notice is to inform you that the District Council and Contractors Associations have agreed to extend the current terms and conditions of our contracts until Friday August 5, 2011. While the negotiating team had hoped to have new contratcs settled by July 1st, we feel the additional time is necessary to achieve the best possible terms and conditions for our members. We appreciate the patience the membership has exhibited and endeavor to reach a positive conclusion at the earliest possible date.

Be advised that for all work performed under the jurisdiction of the New York City District Council of Carpenters the terms, conditions, wage and benefit rates will continue though August 5, 2011.


  1. MEMORANDUM OM 11-40 March 18, 2011

    TO: All Regional Directors, Officers-in-Charge,
    and Resident Officers

    FROM: Richard A. Siegel, Associate General Counsel
    SUBJECT: Unilateral Cessation of Dues-Checkoff Following Expiration of Collective-Bargaining Agreement

    In Bethlehem Steel,1 the Board held that union-security and dues-checkoff arrangements, unlike most terms and conditions of employment, do not survive expiration of a collective-bargaining agreement. The Board reasoned that unilateral cessation of union security after contract expiration was not only lawful, but mandatory, because union membership cannot be made a condition of employment except under a “contract which conforms to the proviso to Section 8(a)(3).”2

  2. As far as i know the two sites have been bargaining since july 2009. PSAC has too misrepresented it.

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