Sunday, July 10, 2011

Court Transcript May 16, 2011

THE COURT: I did get a letter from one of the union members'asking that we adjourn today's meeting. I thought better of that because so many people are involved and had already planned to come and also the meeting that that individual, Mr. Franco, was concerned about, was to occur at 5:00 today, and unless there's something very unusual I don't know about we'll be done long before 5:00 and certainly in time for anybody to get to that meeting.

2011-05-16 U.S. v District Council Transcript

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  1. Snivel, Snivel, Whine, Whine - Hey Conboy, there's no crying in baseball!

    Your in the Big Leagues Bucko & you disgraced your former positions as a Federal Judge and the First IRO with the Carpenters.

    You then did a 180 on all your former caselaw decisions & orders and your work as IRO - defending the rank & file. What you stood for in the Teamsters racketeering case - you now support when the UBC pulls the same shit.

    You had a clear conflict of interest and yet, you still sold out to that Dog... McCarron.

    You need to turn in your Bar Card and retire - you're done. You have Zero Cred. - Loser

    FOR SALE - FORMER JUDGE - "HIGHEST BIDDER", yee ha! Ka-ching


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