Friday, July 22, 2011

McCarron Dissolves Dockbuilders and Timberman Locals

Local Union 1456 and 1536 have been dissolved and the membership and jurisdictions have been merged into the newly chartered Local Union 1556 effective July 22, 2010.

It has been reported that GP McCarron appointed the following executive committee members:

President, Joe Geiger 1536
Vice President, Chris Sorensen 1456
Treasurer, Chris Parzych 1536
Financial Secretary, Thomas King 1536
Recording Secretary, Matthew Angelletta 1536
Warden, Andrew Svede 1456
Conductor, Thomas Russell 1456
Trustee, Thomas Bender 1536
Trustee, Dennis Olenick 1536
Trustee, Brian McLaughlin 1456

July 22 Spencer Letter (2)

July 22 MCCarron Letter


  1. Richard DorroughJuly 22, 2011 at 6:17 PM

    How is this being done before Berman approves the restructuring plan??Watch where the assets really go. Oh wait wasn't an attempt by legitimate elected officers to hire an attorney to stop the hostile takeover of this local derailed by Walshs office?? While it seems the Local contained similar UBC rats doing business as usual in NYC (ie. screwing the members and lavishing themselves with goodies and lobster)The answer for Walsh and the UBC is to hand them over to scum in the UBC International that make these people look like boy scouts.

    Hey Andris. How many times did you stay at the Riveria in Palm Springs and how many $300 fruit baskets did you take from Harbough Management. Hey McPussy. How much have you funneled into ULLICO and the Tutor Perinni stock company. Hey Frank you hooked nosed prick. How much exactly did you cost the membership with the EST meeting to the Sheraton on the big Island in Hawaii. Wasnt it $10,0000 just in air fare for you and your wife.
    What a slap in the face by hypocritical bastards to dissolve any local, corrupt or not, so you can fed them to the control of UBC International rat bastards who supported the NYC corrupt for all these years. Why is it hands off by the US Attorney when it comes to investigating McCarron and Spencer.

  2. Richard DorroughJuly 22, 2011 at 6:21 PM

    Any UBC members.Timberman or Dockbuilders who wish to see Spencer,Silins,Draper and some UBC Canadian prick named Jason Rowe you can find them at the Hilton Garden Inn. 253 Hoosick St. Troy NY 12180 on Monday July 25,2011 1:30pm. It is my trial and I have the right to bring any UBC member in the room with me I want.All are welcome.To reserve a room call 518-272-1700. Care to come make a statement??I am only going to to tell Spencer to go f... himself in person

  3. Richard: You are to be commended on your efforts and how you have handled your Locals unfortunate, illegal and hostile takeover from our glorious leader Douglas McCastro. I wish I could be there to support you during your glorious moment. I hope someday the members of our newly merged and raped local can do the same thing. I have a feeling you may have started a chain reaction that could possibly rid us not only from McScum but from the Ununion Bullyhood of Corksoakers as well ;)

  4. The UBC are sheeps in wolf's clothing, they are a self destructive force. They will sacrifice anybody for behaving the same way as they do, just to take the attention off them selves. Frank Spencer and John Ballantyne learned the art at spinning the truth.

  5. Looks good except for Brian McLaughlin He is or was a NJ correction officer and worked 2 days a week dockbuilding His father Big Mac was 1456 trustee and always got him 2 days a week. He doesn't belong a trustee No Sir

  6. i thought the new e-board was to be made up of the 1456 and 1536 e-board members.mclaughlin at the time of the merger was not part of either.he was recording secretary of 1456 for 2 weeks in may,than resigned because he was not man enough for the job and cried when asked to perform his duties as an e-board out of left field he is appointed(by mccarron)to the new e-board of 1556.seems like foul play to me.its expected from a guy who had a full-time job as a COP,and worked dockbuilding 2 days a week and weekends while half the local was out of work and could not buy a job.this is our new TRUSTee.

  7. My dad was 1536 member 30 years until his death in 1973! He loved his fellow timberman and in his memory I wish you all well with new union 1556.


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