Friday, September 3, 2010

Threaten On The Picket Line

Union Organizer Bill Peters - Professional?
Union representatives from the New York City District Council of Carpenters can’t seem to make up their minds whether they want me to be less vocal or more vocal.

Seems lately, I have no luck.

Last week Local 157 President/Director of Operations, Lawrence D’Errico, and Vice President/Representative, Anthony Pugliese, moved to silence me for being too vocal at a union meeting by making a motion to "sue Michael Forde and Martin Devereaux."

This week Local 2870 Vice President/Organizer, Bill Peters, threatened me for not being vocal enough on a Council picket line.

The New York City District Council of Carpenters began a protest of "Rockaway Contracting" at 515 Madison Avenue and 53rd Street. I arrived promptly for the 12 pm picket, handed my union card to council organizer, Andres Puerta, and asked for a picket sign. Approximately 75 members participated as we began marching in a circle, chanting slogans and blow whistles.

Fifty minutes into the picket, union organizer Bill Peters singled me out, approached me on the line, got in my face and in a loud threatening voice said, “I am watching you, I know who you are, You want to be a leader of this union, You ran for election and now you write stuff.”

I was literally stunned by the outburst!

Not wanting to escalate this confrontation into something ugly I politely replied, “What does any of that have to do with me walking a picket line?”

This organizer, who I never met and have no knowledge of...then threatens me saying, “If you don't start participating in this picket, by chanting louder and blowing the whistle I am not signing your card and I’ll throw you off this line.”

I was absolutely dumbfounded, again not wanting to escalate this and get into a heated argument, I politely replied, “I am holding this sign, raising it up and down marching in a circle for one hour in sweltering 95 degree heat and you say I am not participating?”

Again this union representative threatens me, getting into my face and loudly saying, “You have one hour left at this picket and I better see you acting more vocal, I am going to be watching you and you won’t get your card signed.”

Once again shocked and not succumbing to his threats and menacing behavior, I asked for his name, said thank you, ended the conversation and continued to walk the picket line holding my sign.

Obviously this gorilla like outburst of taunts and threats has more to do with something else than me not being more vocal on a picket line, since he said, “I know who you are.”

I was not on the sidelines talking. I was not on a cell phone talking. I was not behaving in any manner that disrupted the picket line. I did not stop marching for one second. I was with my fellow union brothers and sisters marching in a circle, admittedly not as vocal as some but equal to others, nevertheless holding my sign high, raising it up and down for 2 hours in sweltering heat.

Sister Justine Kuhn, who was right behind me and witnessed Peters outburst said, “He was taunting you, He was right behind you continually screaming in your ear “Rats in the building, Rats go home” trying to provoke you.”

Since I had my earplugs in and not looking behind me I was unaware of Peters taunts.

Maybe he doesn't like me, maybe he’s not a fan of my blog, maybe he’s jealous, maybe he just wanted to throw his weight around and show me who the boss is, or maybe he just wanted to have a story to take back to his council buddies about how he taught me a lesson...I really don’t know.

Anthony Agridiano and Andres Puerta, the two other organizers were both very polite and very professional, unlike Peters whose behavior and conduct was unbecoming with the standards expected of District Council employees.

“He was totally out of line and acting like a real jerk” added a union brother in front of me who witnessed Peters behavior.

Peter's is just the latest example of what’s wrong with this union. As a council representative he has absolutely nothing to say about the revelations of continued corruption, the numerous guilty pleas, the fleecing of our money, or the delaying of our raise.

In Peters warped view I am the bad guy that's needs to be straightened out.

Peters continued to focus on me and taunt me as I passed him by while marching in a circle. Someone told me, “he really has his balls twisted.”

I just continue walking the line with my sign ignoring him until the picket was over. I got my card signed, said thank you to Anthony and Andres and left.

I imagine Peters felt really good, and maybe more manly, going back to the council telling his buddies how he straightened me out.

Note: In the summer of 2006, UBC GP Douglas McCarron, issued an order dissolving the New York City Industrial Council of Carpenters and its three local unions, locals 2682, 2947, and 3127 to form  new local 2870 to be affiliated with the NYCDC.

"The Carpenter" magazine featured a two page article on the new local in the fall 2006 issue, pg 12-13.


  1. This is what our union rep. Does to us, just bash the members at will! Instead of protecting us!

  2. Judging by the look of the monkey he was probably jealous that you can write.Perhaps what Brother Peters needed was a good old ass beating. Thats what we do to loud mouth rude Council punks.Next time embed your picket sign in the crack of his ass and shove your whistle down his throat.He will learn manners

  3. This is only one example of council rep's abusive ways.I,ve been brought up an felonious charges by so called anonymous calls to the hot line. And numerous job site visits by BA's harassing the contractor who was happy with my work, But they would have me removed as a steward or if they intimidate the contractor enough to have you layed off. This is how they have the members living in fear. VOTE for business as usual D'ERRICO and CAPERSO.

  4. He looks like a loud mouth union thug and a neanderthal. I bet this hormonally imbalanced man-boob was drop on his head as an infant. What a jerk!

  5. Bill Peters the neanderthal moob ( man boob) is a fine example of a council rep. action in proper order. I wonder how the RO's new trial committee with Walter Mack as chair would handle this one. I bet he doesn't table this.

  6. Hormonally imbalanced man-boob, that's funny. Bill "Moob" Peters is what his new name should be.

    The guy really look like a Moob, where did you get that picture?

  7. I thought picket duty was to protest against contractors who use non union carpenters and labor. Only an "idiot" would harass and try to deter a carpenter from fulfilling his picket duty. Great way to turn a job .Moron.

  8. I hope he doesn't have that cushy job next week. Seems like he needs to know how it feels to starve on the O.W.L. for a while.

  9. Is he a pugliesi suck ass???
    Did he go to a 3 day training session??? Or is he somebody's relative,hitman,bagman,window dresser???

  10. Reminds me when i used to hand in Steward Reports to 157. The asshole corrupt & crooked BA's had a cartoon of a turkey getting his head cut off on a chopping block & next to the turkey was an arrow & a caption "STEWARDS" and that's exactly how they treated turkeys.Meanwhile,THEY are the ones stealing money,going on vacation to Florida & on golf courses while they were supposed to be on the job in NYC working.Meanwhile they're taking bribes,stealing petty cash & using union credit cards for huge expensive meals & probably for massages & hookers as well. Fuck all those crooked scumbags.And if 3 out of 5 BA's in 157 are guilty of all these things then how did DeMoroto&D'Errico(TheChin)stay so absolutely virgin white?They didn't
    And now these assholes are still in there scared to death for their jobs & freedom.Spencer is right in there also.What kind of supervision? is that? I'd fire his ass in a heartbeat along with that scumbag McCarron.

  11. It's amazing, I'll call him the disgruntled organizer. I have never seen such a lack of respect from a supposedly union official.

    I was right behind John in the picket line when this “disgruntle organizer” was intimidating and provoking John.

    I was right there watching how he came up on the side of us yelling in John’s ear. John was walking the picket line like everyone else holding his sign just not chanting as loud, as were others.

    The “disgruntle organizer” was very aggressive to John and even said to us that if we keep talking he was “going to throw both of us off the line.”

    I think he was just looking for good story to go back to the council with, hoping John would get mad so he can throw us off the line.

    The District Council should have more organizers like Anthony and Andres. Both of these guys should teach a class on how to show respect to your fellow brothers and sisters.

    They made you feel good that you were helping them, I would have done cartwheels on the picket line for them.

    Too bad I cant say the same for “disgruntle organizer,” he has forgotten that it's our hard work and sweat that is paying his salary.

    I have always been proud to say I have a union card and a member of Local 157, but my feelings are starting to change because of representatives like this.

    Other members were shaking John's hand and thanking him for keeping them informed.

    Thank you John. I wish we had more men like you in our union with something in their pocket other than my money.

    One very disappointed union member.

  12. this is exactly what we need more bothers like john to voice what is really going on. also a sister to come out and stand up to these loud mouths. that is all they are bunch of bags, full of hot air, and one day the are going to be empty. keep up the good work john and i see you have a supporter on your side hopefully you can get more brothers and sisters like her!!!!!!!

  13. This is just a fine example of how arrogant thse council Re's who feel they have either the mob, or Lawrence D'Errico/ Paul Caperso support. Because organizer Andre or Anthony where not acting in this mannor.

  14. This is what our union has become, a bunch of criminals and thugs who feel they can act anyway they want with impunity.

    I am sure he has acted like this for a long time. I bet he probably doesn't even think his behavour is wrong.

  15. I think he should be Hung up like a piniata!

  16. Punch him in the neck. Then follow through with a roundhouse to the back of the head and when he falls (and he will fall) kick a few times in the ribs for good measure. Either that or file a grievance on him, lol.

  17. Im homophobic.I admit it.One look at this guy and im straight for life.



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