Thursday, September 16, 2010

'Wiseguy' told: Play ball


If he's healthy enough to root for the home team, he's healthy enough to sit in court.

Prosecutors yesterday urged a judge to deny a request to delay the trial of a reputed Genovese crime-family associate injured in a boating accident.

The Manhattan federal court filing says Joseph Olivieri -- who claims he's disabled by a large blood clot "literally hanging off his side" -- was spotted at a Mets game at Citi Field Tuesday night.

Olivieri faces trial on Oct. 18 on charges tied to a corruption scandal involving the carpenters union.


  1. WHO is a rat? asshole

  2. Let us know if there is a class action suite against the DC carpenter

    So many fellow carpenter where cheated and hard shipped
    because of all this Corruption

  3. Got $$ thats all it'll take. Powerful suit that class action.
    Haight said we were hurt. That means injury in legal venaculare. A good labor lawyer, any lawyer for that matter likes to see injuries. Not the physical kind.

    Carpenters would win hands down.

  4. Odwyer & Bernstien,LLP: Brian O'Dwyer

    call us we need the work

  5. Odwyer & Bernstien,LLP: Brian O'Dwyer

    call us we need the work


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