Saturday, September 25, 2010

Judge doesn't buy Genovese mobster's Amazin' tale of woe after he was spotted at New York Mets game

Joseph Olivieri
BY Scott Shifrel

A reputed Genovese mobster who said a boating accident left him too injured to stand trial was spotted taking in a Mets game from a cushy Citi Field luxury booth.

Joseph Olivieri, facing charges in a carpenters union corruption case, said in court papers filed yesterday that he only went to the suite belonging to the Wall and Ceiling Contractors Association so he could negotiate his resignation as executive director.

An FBI affidavit filed in federal court said he was at the Mets-Pirates game even as he was telling prosecutors and Federal District Judge Victor Marrero that he was too injured from the accident to attend the Oct. 18 trial.

Olivieri, 55, "did not stay for the entire game and spent the majority of his time on the couch in the luxury box room," his lawyer wrote in a letter to a judge.

"He was able to recline, stand up and move around the room freely when he experienced discomfort. He would not have attended in regular seats."

"Request denied," Marrero said of Olivieri's requested trial delay.

"If any adjustments in the daily trial schedule are necessary to accommodate defendant's condition arrangements they can be discussed at or during the trial."


  1. Looks like this piece of shit might be MIKE FORDS next top in the can.They deserve each other and forever will have the hottest spots in HELL.

  2. How do you know this garbage is not the bottom ?

  3. Its a bottomless pit. There will be others. As a matter of fact the new guy at Oliveris post will be working closely with Derrico. Don't trust Oliveri or the association his new guys will carry on.

  4. D'Erricco that scum will sell the membership out for a round of golf.


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