Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Contractual Raise to be Implemented on October 1st

On July 1st our members took a wage freeze while we worked with our industry partners to build our market share. Our Union took the initial and most difficult sacrifice as we explored alternative options to achieve long term goals. Our good will efforts are necessary to build market share but they cannot be sustained independently. We cannot act alone. We need our industry partners to work with us as we fight to regain our markets.

During this time we have met with our trade associations and asked them to show us how our sacrifice has led to more work opportunities for our members. Our associations have not provided documentation to support how our actions have increased our market share. Without documentation from our partners, I cannot justify a continuance on this wage freeze. On October 1st our contractual raise will take effect. This raise will not be retroactive.

UBC Supervisor, Frank Spencer

(John's note: I have been told that the $2.13 per hourly raise will be allocated entirely to take home wages.)

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