Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Join The Constitution Discussion

On February 22, an anonymous UBC member responding to EST Forde's letter "The Outlook For Local Union 157 Is Very Positive", posted the below comment which sparked a very interesting discussion about the UBC constitution and supervision of local 157.

Anonymous said...As a member of the UBC I find it appalling that we have a UBC Constitution but it is only the members that have to abide by it. The International and in this case the NYC District Council can ignore it and violate it at will. Such is the case with the Mr. Spencer and EST Mike Forde in regards to appointing officers to fill the vacant positions at Local 157.

To read more about what Anonymous has to say and to join the discussion with your views and opinions CLICK HERE.


I would ask that if you would like to leave a comment that you think of Local 157 Blogspot as your online meeting hall and that you wouldn’t say anything on this site that you wouldn’t, say at a union meeting. Constructive criticism is welcome, as we all benefit from such advice. Obnoxious comments are not welcome.