Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hard Hat Horror

A construction worker in Chelsea had his head crushed when he leaned out of a moving elevator hoist Thursday, his boss said.

Sunil Askadian, 29, was in critical condition after the accident, which occurred about 4 p.m. at the site of a luxury condo going up at W. 18th St. and 10th Ave.

Askadian was riding on top of the elevator from the second floor to the third when his head got stuck between a safety railing and a steel plate, said Francisco Torres, the site manager.


  1. need more info, was it a union job? who was the contractor? God I hope it wasn't one of the fellas at Regional, I'm friendly with a lot of them.

  2. This is a non union job, New York Hoist is the RAT company. I heard this is the third serious accident with New York Hoist in the same Condo area.
    When will the NYC DOB crack down on these unsafe jobs?
    The Building Trades better pressure their so call friends in city hall to get their enforcement officers down to this job.
    OSHA is underfunded and understaffed.
    We in the Building Trades better put more money into organizing.

  3. I for one value the effort you placed into your argument and hope to check out more of your opinions in the near future.
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