Saturday, February 16, 2008

Changes To Carpenters Welfare Fund


In an effort to crack down on members defrauding the Welfare Plan, the NYC District Council will no longer provide retiree health benefits for any member and their beneficiaries who defraud the Welfare Fund .

Effective April 1, 2008 any member who is determined, in accordance with the adjudication procedures adopted by the New York City District Council Of Carpenters, to have defrauded the Welfare Fund or aided and abetted another to defraud the fund shall be ineligible to receive retire health benefits.

Participants have the right to appeal a denial of benefits in accordance with the Welfare Plan appeal process

If you have any question regarding these changes to the Welfare Plan you should contact the Fund Office at 212-366-7300.

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  1. I Hope they spend the same amount of time investigating BA's and Orginizers, as they investigate the Retired Workers.


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