Sunday, June 1, 2014

Update on Government, District Council, and Funds Joint Application for a new Stipulation & Order

On Tuesday, May 27, the District Council together with the Government and the District Council Benefits Funds submitted a joint application to Judge Berman of US District Court for the Southern District of New York seeking entry of a new Stipulation and Order to replace the one entered by the Court in 2010. The new Stipulation and Order would provide for the appointment of an Independent Monitor to succeed the District Council’s current Review Officer, Dennis Walsh. The next day, Judge Berman entered an Interim Order allowing the current Stipulation and Order Regarding Appointment of a Review Officer, which is scheduled to expire on June 3, 2014, to continue until the Court is able to reach on a decision on the joint application to appoint a new Independent Monitor. In his Interim Order, Judge Berman noted that “We’ll get to it as soon as feasible.” A copy of Judge Berman’s interim order is available here: [link docket # 1521]. A copy of the proposed Stipulation Regarding Appointment of an Independent Monitor is available here: [link docket #1512-1].

Also on Tuesday, May 27, District Council members that had been vetoed by Mr. Walsh as local union officers wrote to Judge Berman explaining that they were appealing Judge’s Berman’s earlier decision upholding those vetoes to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. The members’ believed that the proposed Stipulation and Order Regarding Appointment of an Independent Monitor may have an adverse impact on matters in their appeal. Judge Berman entered the letter on the Court’s docket and noted that: “The Court anticipates conducting a hearing (public) so that interested parties can be heard -- well before any modifications to the Stipulation & Order. The hearing is likely to be held after Labor Day but has not yet been scheduled. (Signed by Judge Richard M. Berman on 5/29/2014)” A copy of the letter is available here: [link docket # 1530]. Judge Berman’s original 2012 decision on the members’ vetoes is available here: [link docket # 1197].


  1. And how many Attorneys do we employee and how much money are we spending??

    1. enough for them to put us out of business.

  2. Wow, so rather than the prior District Court sanctioned dumbed down letter writing and court conferencing sessions in lieu of formal legal practice including submission of competent briefs which respect precedents of the many courts, NYCDCC carpenters are now reduced to submissions to the Federal District Court via a lesser standard; the "Informal Memorandum" campaign by Barbara Jones, Murphy and the U.S. Government.

    What a joke! BTW, where is this gem accounted for in the Local Court Rules of Judge Bermy?

    Is Bermy truly running a Court of Law here or is this entire case more reminiscent of Kindergarten Cop at the Local Playground?

    Do any of these clowns even have a real bar card to practice law in the State of New York or did they just print one up on their home computer or find one in a Box of Crackerjacks?

    Can I even say Crackerjack any more, or is that now a hate crime and cause for expulsion from the UBCJA?

    Can I bring my Box of Crackerjacks to the next Court Conference or will the SWAT TEAM & the Shelter in Place Crowd call the bomb squad?

    BTW Dennis; where the fck is the Forensic Audit of the NYCDCC Benefit Trust Funds proving McCarron & your failed theory of 99% collections of Benefit Trust Fund Money owed for the quid pro quo Giveaway known as 100% Full Mobility wherein you both unilaterally declared New York a Right to Work State in violation of both state & federal laws?


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